Recent news shows that San Antonio construction companies continue to keep themselves busy with multiple tech-oriented projects aimed at improving the quality of living in several areas, but most especially in downtown San Antonio.

Companies that orient themselves to use the most advanced building tools and the latest methods, as well as to build the most advanced upgrades for roofing systems, doors, windows and various other areas of the home, are currently in the process of revamping multiple downtown buildings that were purchased at the end of last year. You will see that...


A homeowner today has an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to roofing their home. Among options, a metal roof is an excellent choice. No longer is metal exclusive to commercial properties, metal is a great choice for residential homes alike.

One of the main benefits of metal lies in it's durability. When properly installed, a metal roof can last as long as the home itself. Properties of metal ensure that water, snow and high winds are no match for it's strength. In addition, metal is resistant to fire, mildew and rot.

Typical installation time for...


CCR Roofing is now proud to offer financing options to our valued customers. This is a great way to help spread out the payments of your new roof over time. Aside from adding curb appeal, replacing a roof is one of those things that sometimes can't wait. The very structure of your home can be on the line if your roof becomes compromised. This is true in the event your roof had unexpected storm damages due to hail or wind. If you need to replace your roof and don't have the money up front, you may consider financing as an option.

A less than perfect credit score should not...


Not all damage after a storm is as obvious as what we are seeing in the areas hard hit from Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, most insurance policies cover storm damages including hail, tornado and wind damage. Wind alone can cause severe damage including missing shingles, fascia and granule loss. Often due to this, insurance will pay for repairs or for the complete replacement of your roof.

Even in the absence of a major hurricane, a thunderstorm will most likely have straight line winds that come with it. In fact, wind damage from a thunderstorm is much more common than damage...


Hurricane Harvey was a storm like none other. Spanning an area over the Coastal and South Texas region and into Louisiana, it unleashed catastrophic rain, winds, and flooding the likes most Texans have never seen. As the storm moved on, the rain began to settle in, causing even more damage. Rainfall totals were as much as 50 inches in some areas. With so much devastation it’s impossible to grapple with the damages and immediate consequences of such a storm.

We know first hand the challenges that are faced when dealing with a storm of this magnitude. We’ve been in the Corpus...