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    3 Questions to Ask Roofers in Austin About Upgrading to a New Roof -


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    Roofing companies in Austin are very friendly and capable when it comes to answering homeowners’ questions. If you want to replace your roof, it’s a good idea to contact an Austin TX roofer as soon as possible and ask them some of the most important and pertinent questions about upgrading to a brand new roof:

    1. Are they licensed, and can they provide you with any references. Regardless of the reputation of the company you’re working with, it doesn’t bode well if they can’t offer a little transparency. As a homeowner about to entrust your roof and a sizable chunk of money to your roofer, you will want to know if the roofer in question is actually able to carry out the project and do a good job.
    2. How long can you expect your new roof to last? This question will usually help you answer quite a few questions. The best roofers will answer by also providing you with valuable information about the roofing materials and products used for building the roof. Also, you can expect them to answer any additional related questions you might have about thing like the differences in durability depending on the weather and climate, or about how much maintenance is required for your new roof.
    3. When buying a new roof, there will be costs that you have to take into account. Not everyone has the kind of money that they can throw around easily to account for any potential issue that might require additional work. So it’s important to ask the right question regarding these matters as soon as you meet your Austin roofer for the first time.