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    Climate in Austin is humid subtropical, characterized by long, hot summers (with temperatures often around 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and mild winters.

    Excessive exposure to sun and heat can cause premature drying and cracking of roofing materials, so it is important for you or an experienced Austin TX roofer to keep an eye on your roof to identify, in a timely manner, the problems that may occur and to repair them quickly.

    If you are a rood DIYer, here are some tips for fast repairs:

    1. Install a reflective roof

    You have a couple of options: paint your roof white (or use a white liquid coating), or install reflective cover materials (e.g. metal shingles). A reflective roof will not absorb the heat, so it will be better protected from sun exposure.

    1. Keep an eye on your flashing and vents

    Make sure you secure the flashing if it gets loose, or replace it if you notice signs of corrosion (in the case of metal flashing). Also makes sure the vents and chimney are properly sealed around, to avoid a costly roof leak.

    1. Do not forget about your safety when working on your roof!

    • Always wear adequate shoes to avoid shingle abrasion, but also to prevent you from slipping;
    • Always use a steady ladder you can easily and safely climb up and down;
    • Do not climb on a sagging or frozen roof.