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    Depending on what causes a roof leak, there are several different ways you might have to consider dealing with it. While in some cases, roof leaks are simply the result of a cracked shingle and some mild pooling that has been caused by storms or hail, in other instances the problem is far more complicated than that, and might even require the presence of a professional roof repair San Antonio based roofer.

    The most straightforward method of repairing a roof leak is that of repairing the broken shingle or flashing from which the leak resulted. In most cases, it’s the flashing that is damaged, but one or more of the shingles can also have been damaged. If that happens, the surest way to repair your roof is to replace the broken or damaged shingles and fix the flashing as well.

    If the damage is deeper, fixing your broken shingles might not do the trick. In such cases, you might have to remove the shingles to go deeper, to the source of the issue, or even tackle the problem by examining the underlayment, decking and other deeper layers of the roof.

    While this method is more thorough and complicated, it will also get better results. If you fix your roof’s damaged underlayment and decking, then even if your shingles and flashing get damaged again, you won’t have to deal with such a serious problem for a while.