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    Not all damage after a storm is as obvious as what we are seeing in the areas hard hit from Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, most insurance policies cover storm damages including hail, tornado and wind damage. Wind alone can cause severe damage including missing shingles, fascia and granule loss. Often due to this, insurance will pay for repairs or for the complete replacement of your roof.

    Even in the absence of a major hurricane, a thunderstorm will most likely have straight line winds that come with it. In fact, wind damage from a thunderstorm is much more common than damage from a tornado. The amount of damage to your home or property can always vary and this is especially true with hail. Hail damage can come in the form of dimples that will pound out across your shingle. Left unrepaired, a roof can continue to erode and lead to interior water damage and leaks.

    Once the storm passes, you can check for roof damage from wind, hail or even debris from your neighbors yard. Your attic may hold clues if you are noticing water spots or stains. In any storm your best bet is to be aware of damages that may or may not be obvious at first. Your insurance will want to determine if the damage present is recent or is the result of normal wear and tear. Contact us if you are looking for a roof inspection in the aftermath of a storm. We’re happy to send one of our friendly roofing experts to help identify and repair any damages.

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