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    Durability is among the most important factors that should determine your choice of the material for your new roof. Each roofing material is designed for a specific lifespan – here is what you can expect:

    – Asphalt shingles – most products in this category are warranted for around 20 years, but top-rated products can easily last for five decades or longer;

    – Architectural shingles – this type of roofing material is rated to last for around three decades;

    – Wood shingles – also warranted for around 30 years, but in mild climates and proper care, they can last for much longer;

    – Metal roofs – the special alloys that metal roofs are made from ensure a long lifespan that can last up 80 years;

    – Clay, concrete and slate – these materials are really durable, with an average life expectancy of up to or exceeding 100 years;

    – Built-up roofs – these roofs used to be common only on industrial and commercial buildings, but nowadays residential owners also use them. This great, modern roofing solution can serve your building well for at least 30 years;

    – Fiber cement roofs – these great and affordable roofs can stay on your building for around 25 years;

    – Green roofs – one of the hottest roofing trends today, vegetation-covered green roofs can be used for 5-40 years.

    As Always, before making a decision, ask an Austin TX roofer with years of experience in roofing.