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    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you may have animals in your attic. Aside from the initial panic of hearing scratching and scampering on your roof, there is fear of actual damage caused by these unwelcome critters. Several kinds of animals can find their way into your attic and home via your roof. While mice may be the first creatures that come to mind, raccoons, squirrels, and rats can also target roofs and attics as a nesting spot.

    The time of year and overall condition of your roof can provide ample opportunity for one or more entry points into your attic. The integrity and structure of your roof are never more important than when keeping pests out of your home. Fortunately, there are preventative step to take and minimize the damage that animals can cause within your roof.

    Reinforcing your roof barrier to keep out pests is one of the best ways to prevent unwelcome guests. Animals can come and go over a period of time, so the earlier you can discover a breach of entry the better. One of the best ways to maintain your roof is to regularly have your roof inspected every 6 months.

    Here are a few things a professional roofer can look for when determining the damage caused by animals.

    Ventilation Pipes and Ridge Caps

    These pipes are essential to any roof. When compromised, they can result in water leaks, water damage, and staining. Punctures and tears can give way to animals chewing them. In some cases, rodents can go within the actual pipe and gain entry into the attic. Similarly, ridge caps placed on top of the roof can aid in ventilation of the attic. The rubber caps used on the ends of these can be chewed upon and provide another way in for animals.


    A determined rodent can compromise your entire roof system simply by chewing their way in via a few loose shingles. By lifting and raising the shingle up, they can scratch and claw their way in especially if there are live young left behind. Roof damage by animals is, unfortunately, something homeowners can encounter whether the home is in an urban or rural setting.

    Your roofing system is designed to provide your family the maximum protection. Should you find your attic currently has guests within it, contact your local pest control for their removal. Upon their removal, we can inspect and repair any areas that have become compromised.

    At CCR Roofing, we are proud to offer you top-notch service. We love what we do and know you will too. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss a roof replacement for your home! 855-288-2410

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