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    Cool roofs are treated with a special reflective coating that makes the sun rays bounce off. In general, a regular roof can reach a temperature of up to 150 degrees in summer. According to the US Department of Energy, a cool roof is up to 50 degrees cooler, under the same weather conditions.

    Should Austin Residents Opt for a Cool Roof?

    With average summer temperatures between 74 and 96 degrees, Austin TX homes can get really hot. Thus, residents have to turn on the air conditioning to keep cool. Thus, a cool roof is not just a good idea, but a necessity. Here are a few points you should know about cool roofs in Austin:

    1. Get Money Back for Saving Energy

    The local Austin Energy authority offers incentives in the form of rebates on the electricity bill of $400 per each kilowatt building owners save. A cool roof will reduce the interior temperature of the building, thus you will not turn on the A/C unit so frequently, and can be installed by roofers in Austin Texas quickly.

    2. Cool Roofs Reflect Most of Sun Rays

    Studies show that a cool roof will reflect back up to 90% of the sun rays. This is beneficial for the structure of the roof in two ways: the temperature is lower and there are less UV rays absorbed by the roofing materials. UV rays account for most of the wear and tear of your roof.

    3. Most US Rooftops Are Made of Tar

    Tar is a heat absorbing material – in fact, it absorbs an immense amount of heat. This is a good idea up north, when the weather can get very cold. But in Austin, you should top it with a cool roof to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the building.

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