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    Pests, such as mice, bats, wasps, rats, termites and flies, are a common nuisance – these resilient and inventive critters find their way easily into your attic and once they are in, it is very difficult to get rid of them. While most attics are attractive for these harmful creatures, some roofing materials attract them more than others – here is what you should know about roofing materials and pests:

    – Natural, untreated materials are more attractive – most roofs and attics have wood components, such as planks, beams and elements of the roof’s underlayment. Pests prefer chemical-free environments, therefore they are especially attracted to places with lots of untreated wood. The solution is simple: buy a suitable, pest-repellent coating product and treat the wood surfaces in your attic area. The same goes for the roofs made from wood – they need to be properly treated with a suitable coating every few years to prevent pest attacks;

    – Green roofs – these special roofs covered in vegetation are very trendy today, but they also tend to attract unwanted pests. The ecosystem created on the roof does require the presence of certain insects in the soil, but it is very important to keep the size of the populations at bay and to have only the right insects around. Check with local roofing companies in Austin to see what roofing product is recommended for your climate.