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    Are Roofers in San Antonio Able to Handle Both Commercial and Residential Roofing? -


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    Each individual roof is different than other roofs, but there are also major differences between residential and commercial roof systems.

    In these circumstances, are San Antonio roofing companies able to handle both types of roofing? How can you be sure that a contractor is specialized on your type of roof?

    First of all, most reputable roofers are focused on one type or roofing. This way, they gain experience faster and build a better reputation. After all, what would you trust: someone who has general knowledge on a subject, or someone specialized on that particular subject?

    Differences between residential and commercial roofing are noticeable in terms of:


    In most of the cases, the difference between these two types of roofing are obvious: the slope of a commercial roof is typically very low, invisible without measurements – hence the term “flat roof”.

    On the other hand, residential roofs have higher pitches and more intricate shapes, completed with vents, chimneys etc.

    Roofing Materials

    Flat roofs are typically sealed with modified bitumen, asphalt, or synthetic membranes.

    Pitched roofs are covered with tiles, shingles or shakes.

    There are different installation, repairs and maintenance requirements for all these materials and it takes a specialized roofer with to meet the complex demands of every roof type.