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    Austin Weather and Your Roof – Adapting Your New Roof to Local Climate Conditions -


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    Austin, Texas has a unique climate that can make it difficult for homeowners to properly select the right types of materials for fortifying their homes against the weather. One of the more particular characteristics of the weather in Austin is that its humidity varies greatly and humidity levels can change pretty fast. Since Austin is essentially located at a boundary between a dry, desert area and the lush, humid regions of the American Southeast, its climate contains elements of both, which is why many people have difficulty in choosing a roof that will protect their homes from both sets of elements.


    Some of the roofing systems that work best in this scenario will include metal, slate and concrete. Asphalt shingles, composite shingle roofing and other specially modified roofing systems also work, provided that they are designed to be durable and flexible in terms of their thermal resistance.


    Metal is probably your best choice here. Even though some types of metals can be somewhat prone to rusting, good coating and a cool roof design will keep your metal roof from being affected by the Austin weather and changes in temperature and humidity quite well. Steel roofing systems are best if you also want to save money, but most experts from roofing companies in Austin consider aluminum and copper to add more durability and style when it comes to selecting among the best types of metal roofing.