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    Hiring a new roofer can be stressful. You already have the burden of dealing with a leaky or compromised roof, hiring a roofer should come easy. Unfortunately it can add to your ordeal if you fail to look into who’s actually on top of your roof doing the work. Here are a few tips before you sign a contract to hire your next roofer.

    Go Local

    Although hiring a contractor does not guarantee you’re dealing with a professional, it can ensure you’re at least dealing with someone in the community. Local connections, including use of social media, come with the added benefit of word of mouth referrals. These direct contact referrals are a great way to ensure you have the right company in mind. Ensure that their address is permanent along with their telephone numbers, and fax numbers. Their home office can also provide insight on where they are conducting daily business. Ask where their company office is out of. Do they have an actual brick and mortar office in the area? A local office establishes trust and commitment to their client.

    About Insurance

    Are they licensed, bonded and insured? This should be among your chief concerns as you are hiring a roofing contractor.

    The proper licensing demonstrates the contractors have the skills to actually repair or replace your roof. It ensures their competency and shows they can conduct business in your area. Your roof is an investment and you want to be certain it’s in the right hands.

    Having adequate insurance protects the homeowner from any damage that comes from having workers on your roof. If you happen to have a roofer get hurt, an insured roofing company will file a claim with their own insurance. This would avoid any potential claims on your own homeowners policy.

    When a company is bonded, it simply means the company has secured money that is available in the event a claim must be filed. It is a promise of job performance that protects your investment.

    Roofing Warranty

    Your new roof is a big investment. A typical roof can last anywhere from 20-30 years or more. As with most large investments, knowing what your warranty covers can set your mind at ease. The chances of having a problem with a new roof are low, but to be sure, ask if your roof comes with an included warranty.

    A new roof is not something you replace everyday. A tried and true roofer can provide certifications, written estimates, and licensing information. It pays to take your time to hire the right roofing professionals.

    At CCR Roofing we take great pride in our work. We love what we do and know you will too. Contact us today for a free home inspection! 888-390-5158

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