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    cool roof new ccr roofing

    A cold roof strongly reflects sunlight and cools down the building, working as a thermal buffer (an efficient one!). Because it reduces the temperature fluctuations inside the house, the heating/ cooling costs also decrease.

    A pitched roof is cold due to its shape, especially if it is properly insulated and ventilated, but its energy efficiency in areas exposed to a lot of sun and heat can be enhanced by choosing some particular roofing materials.

    Metal shingles

    A metal roof is reflective, which means that UV rays are not allowed to penetrate the roof, overheating it and ruining the thermal comfort in the entire house. Reflectivity is a natural property of metal, so all you have to do is choose a metal roof to enjoy its benefits.

    Light-colored roofing materials

    Some roofing materials are light-colored or can be painted white. Light colors do not absorb heat as dark colors do, so such a roof will be very helpful in keeping your house cool.

    Roof coatings

    Roof coatings are products that increase the life of the roof they are applied on. They are light colored precisely to prevent heat accumulation and are also an easy and very efficient way to increase the protective performance of a roof, take a glance at