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    San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas and a place appreciated for its laid-back and inviting vibe. The city meets and exceeds all expectations – whether you are looking for a family-friendly district where you can raise your kids in safety or you are looking for a district where you can enjoy the nightlife, you will love to live in San Antonio. Here are the most popular suburbs to live in:

    – Boerne – a charming old district in the Texas Hills, but close to the highway. The suburban feel is paired with excellent amenities, the town has great shops, fine restaurants and top-notch schools.

    – China Grove – a suburb located 12 miles off the city center, China Grove is one of the safest suburbs of San Antonio. The district itself is very quiet, but there are hundreds of shops, restaurants and entertainment option around it. Housing in the area is affordable with some of the best roofing San Antonio offers and the schools are great, too.

    – Midtown – wedged between Downtown and Alamo Heights, the district comprises a varied range of neighborhoods and properties that range from affordable and medium-priced real estate to upscale properties.

    – Northwest Side – the district gives home to the campus of the University of Texas and to the South Texas Medical Center and many large corporation have their headquarters there as well. Housing opportunities come mainly in the form of modern family homes and apartment complexes.

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