The gutters are one of the most important secondary installations linked to the roof itself. Gutters have the role of allowing water to flow easily off the roof without affecting your home’s exterior walls. With a sturdy set of gutters you can be sure that all the water flows safely to the ground, without damage to your siding, paint or foundation.

Of course, even the best siding installation need to be repaired from time to time. Here are a few of the main signs your gutters might need some repairing:

· The most obvious sign is that the gutters are leaking visibly and...


Built-up roofing systems are made to use multiple types of roof felts that are laminated together to create a multi-layered design that prevents almost any type of damage. As a flat roofing product, built-up roofing is usually used only in commercial roofing projects, being considered one of the best type of commercial roof currently on the market. CCR Roofing company offers commercial roofing systems that are dependable and long lasting.

What’s so special about built-up roofing? Well, first we must look at the layered design and what it...


Durability is often misunderstood when it comes to the roofing industry. While materials like slate have the longest lifespan – which, in the case of natural slate, can exceed 150 years – this doesn’t necessarily mean that slate is by far the most durable material. Slate can outlast anything, but it’s not the most resilient, and it requires careful maintenance to last that long.

Another option is concrete. Similar to slate, concrete is also remarkably durable, but it’s also not as brittle or easily broken. Concrete roofs might be slightly on the heavier side, but they can withstand...


For the past decades, asphalt shingle roofing has been among the cheapest quality roofing materials that were ever in use. Quite popular because of that status, asphalt shingle roofing was, however, never able to reach the level of approval that more expensive roofing alternatives have, including cheap metal and wood shakes.

All that changed with the introduction of composite shingle roofing, also known as architectural asphalt shingles. This type of roofing is made up of special shingles that are designed to look and feel similar to asphalt shingles, being only slightly pricier, but...


Every HOA community needs some construction from time to time and regular maintenance is also essential for keeping up the quality of the buildings and of life in general in the community, so here are a few tips to help you find a reliable and professional contractor for your HOA’s needs:

- Select a pool of at least 3-5 candidates – assess the contractors in your area based on their reputation, then contact them to find out about their availability and to request quotes that include information related to starting dates and completion deadlines, labor and material costs,...


Sloping, residential roofing systems consist of more than what meets the eye – they are complex structures composed of several layers, each of the layers playing its own essential role in ensuring the safety, the integrity and the efficiency of the roof. Here are the most important roofing components:

- Roof covering – the topmost layer of any roof, consisting of shingles made from metal, asphalt, composite, wood or metal or of tiles made from metal, clay or concrete and strengthened with underlayment for increased weather-resistance and thermal efficiency and should...


When roofing repairs can no longer be ignored or postponed, it can feel overwhelming to come up with the cash necessary for such an investment. Fortunately, there are options to help in advance. Chief among these options include preventatively having your roof inspected yearly.

Regular inspections of your roof can help prevent other issues down the road. Signs of wear can begin with missing or cracked shingles. Granules from asphalt can also be a sign of wear especially if you notice these right after a heavy storm. Preventing water damage to your roof and gutters can be as...


Whether you are a fan of absurd or gallows humor or you prefer jokes that have a situational punchline, roofers and roofing are featured in jokes of all kinds. If you are a roofer, telling jokes about your trade and about the typical forms of behavior noticeable in roofing situations is an excellent ice-breaker, a communication tool that can set the atmosphere of the conversation with your clients, suppliers, even with the representatives of the authorities. If you are consciously building your communication strategies and you are looking for a way to add some fun and lightheartedness to...


If you have decided to paint your home’s exterior, but you don’t have experience with paint jobs, here are a few things that you need to know before opening the first bucket of paint:

- Check the weather forecast – pick a dry period for the paint work to minimize the risk of the issues caused by high humidity in the air, such as altered color and longer drying time;

- Buy quality paint – exterior paint nowadays comes in many price categories and the price of the paint is almost always indicative of the quality....


Some roofing issues can be easily solved by amateur roofers and there are roofing-related questions that you can easily answer on your own. However, some roofing questions can be answered only by roofers trained to assess the condition of roofs accurately and to determine the best course of action in situations when there are too many possibilities – here are some of these questions:

- Repair or replacement – roofs can be tricky especially when you are roofing San Antonio homes. There are roofs that look really bad, but are...