A new roof can be an excellent asset when you live in an area where curb appeal is highly valued. Whether you have to get your lawn in order or to add a new outdoor kitchen to make your home look better, a new roof will always add that extra touch of aesthetic beauty, while also improving the practical value of your home.

Older roofing systems can lose their coloring, and their designs can be considered dated when compared to the newest roofing systems in use today. Even the best roofing systems of the past 2-3 decades can look somewhat bland and require a complete makeover. To avoid...


Buying a new roof can be a costly endeavor. Even the cheapest roofing system can cost somewhere between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the size of your home. Also, with add-ons such as new gutters, coating and skylights, the price can be much higher. So what can you do to save money and make sure you can afford investing into a perfect new roof for your home? Here are a few simple tips to consider:

1. Consider organizing all your home renovation and repair tasks based on their importance. By putting less important repairs on the back burner, you can already save a few hundred...


When you have to deal with long term roof maintenance, making sure your roof is weatherproof can be an important thing to consider. While most people will not think that a weatherproof or waterproof roof is absolutely necessary – and, depending on the area you live in, experts might agree – you have to know more about it, especially if your home is in a region where rainfall is quite frequent.

Getting a new roof doesn’t always solve all your problems. Even the best metal roof or most expensive slate roofing system is prone to issues like water damage, leaking, pooling or rust. As a...


Fall isn’t as much of a problem in Texas as in most other places around the US. However, whether you live in the north or south of the state of Texas, fall can still bring about a change in temperature and changing weather that can easily upset the balance of your home.

Preparing for fall can be as easy as tending to your lawn and making sure your gutters and siding no longer need repairs. Cleaning your home exterior is one of the main priorities before summer’s end, and you can reduce the number of pests you might have to deal with by simply tidying up your garden.



Metal roofing has become a viable choice in many areas. Aside from the fact that metal is quite a cheap and versatile material when it comes to roofing, its resilience, durability, energy efficiency and long term, low maintenance support are known to be among its best assets. Metal roofs are even fireproof, and can withstand fire and water damage more easily than most other types of roofing.

Texas is one of the places where unpredictable weather, fires and water damage due to passing storms and hurricanes in the area can be quite extensive. As a result, metal roofing can be quite a...


The attic is that place everyone would prefer to forget that it exists. After all, what is it good for except for storing old furniture and other extra items? Actually, the attic is very important, especially for the roof of your house. A well ventilated attic will protect the roof from overheating and will not allow mold and fungus to take hold inside your house.

The following tips will help you make sure that the attic is properly ventilated at all times:

1. Install Attic Vent Fans

An attic vent fan works by pushing out hot air from inside the attic...


The roof of your house is the number one victim of severe heat during the summer. Every day it receives the full brunt of the sun rays and sweltering heat. In time, this can lead to damages – at first barely visible, but increasingly serious, until your entire roof is compromised.

Three Ways in Which Severe Heat Affects Roofs

1. UV Rays Damage

The heat itself is not the only enemy a roof has to face, but UV rays from the sun. The bad news is that UV rays will penetrate even clouds, so there is no reprieve from...


Texas is home to many creatures, great and small. And some of them can cause serious problems to your house – more precisely, to your roof. As strange as it may seem, some of the most innocent and friendly looking members of the local Texas fauna can be the reason why you need an Austin TX roofer to repair or even replace your roof.

Here are some of the most frequent pests that may cause damage to your Texas roof:

1. Birds

It is relaxing watching birds coo on your roof, but you would probably think twice about...


Ideally, every building owner should call a roof inspection every year, preferably in spring. This will let them know how their roof fared during the winter and give them time to schedule repair works during the warm season. If you have just scheduled your first roof inspection, you need to know what the specialist is supposed to do in order to have a complete image of the condition of the roof.

Key Elements of a Roof Inspection

1. Interior Inspection

The roof inspector will ask to have a look at the inside of the...


One of the most frequent reasons for roof damage is water gathering and pooling on it. This occurs when the gutter guards and gutters themselves are not maintained properly and do not allow water to drain properly. No matter what type of roof your house has, it can become vulnerable to water collecting on it over time and should be evaluated by a roofing San Antonio expert.

The Most Dangerous Problems Water Can Cause to Roofs

1. Structural Damage

If water damage is...