Should you consider fixing your own roof, even if the damage is extensive? This is a question that a lot of homeowners tend to ask themselves, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult challenges that would normally make even experienced roofers think twice about rushing in.

Of course, not everyone is made the same. Some people have a natural talent for using a hammer and nails, while others find it hard to even replace a light bulb. Depending on your abilities and preferences, you probably already know whether you want to fix the roof yourself or not.

However, there...

A Roofer Getting Ready To Clean Gutter

For those who don’t know much about roofing or who aren’t too familiar with gutter installations, it’s very important to learn at least the basics about them, after purchasing their new homes. If you just bought a new house, and your house has a sturdy roofing and gutter system, it is your responsibility to check them for any damage or maintenance problems and do your best to have your gutters cleaned by a roofer San Antonio location as soon as possible.

The gutter system has the role of channeling rainwater away from your roof. When...


Metal roofing is considered to be one of the best types of roofing available on the market. It’s energy efficient, highly durable, and low maintenance. Best of all, metal roofs are also highly customizable, and can be a good choice whether you own a traditional house or a commercial building.

There are several metals used in the industry to create a huge variety of metal roofing products. These include aluminum, copper and steel, and they allow you to choose between the most affordable and the most high priced, luxurious metal roofs available.

Another great thing about metal...


Asphalt shingles have the reputation of being the most affordable shingles on the market, and yet they are also some of the most common shingles you’ll see on most American homes. The two facts are definitely not unrelated, since most people prefer to spend less on a roof, and many homeowners in this day and age aren’t looking to keep their homes for a period longer than the average lifespan of an asphalt roof – which happens to be about 15 to 20 years.

Nevertheless, there are a few important red flags to consider when it comes to having asphalt shingle roofs installed. First, they...

Roof Inspections For Damage Assessment

Storm damage is a problem that many homeowners and building owners have to deal with on a regular basis. In most cases, the roof is the main victim here, as storms typically blow through almost vertically, hitting the roof head on and sometimes causing significant water damage, leaks or problems such as damaged shingles, flashing and gutters.

When a storm hits, it’s important to make sure that you’ve taken care of any cleaning and maintenance tasks required for your roof. So, if you know that the rainy season is on its way, make sure you get up on that ladder and inspect your roof or...


Getting on your roof can seem safe and straightforward, especially if your home only has one level, and the roof’s slope isn’t that dangerous. However, the danger of slipping on a loose shingle or of losing your balance on the ladder while climbing is always present. As a result, the trained San Antonio roofing experts never fail to emphasize that it’s important to aim for safety first and foremost, and to avoid any unnecessary risks.

The first thing you’ll need is a sturdy metal ladder that can support your weight easily and that...


A new roof has the obvious purpose to provide adequate protection from the elements to the entire building. However, you can expect more than this one benefit when you invest in such a home improvement project. The only condition is to ensure the job is done right.

Investing in a new roof is a substantial investment, but you will recover it in the long run, due to these advantages a new roof brings:

Your home will become more energy efficient

New roofs are made of better materials and insulation, designed to ensure solar heat gain where it is needed and...


The first thing you should do to increase the lifespan of your roof is to schedule regular repairs and other maintenance operations.

But how can you figure out if it is time to repair the roof or simply to clean the gutters? The answer is quite simple and involves knowing how to identify certain signs.

One of the simplest things you can do is checking the ceilings and the interior walls. Look for signs of mold and moisture. The mold is not so difficult to notice and even if you do not see it, you probably feel it, because its development leads to health issues, especially in...


Most people pay a good attention to the interior of their houses, by getting chores done regularly, making remodeling projects now and then etc. The exterior of the house and maybe especially the roof should get the same attention especially that it has more than an aesthetic purpose.

The roof should be kept clean. This is the basic thing each building owner can do to ensure the functionality of the roof and its durability. This essential service has to be included in the regular maintenance operations that must be performed at least once a year. But why is cleaning the roof so...


Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, metal shingles represent a favorite material for many construction specialists due to the many advantages it offers, and there are great metal roofing San Antonio professional roofers.

The long lifespan as well as the anticorrosion warranty and the color consistency warranty are among the most important attributes of this roofing material. A metal roof has an average service life that is long enough not to worry too soon about it in terms of maintenance and repairs.

This type of...