Pests that May Damage Your Texas Roof

Texas is home to many creatures, great and small. And some of them can cause serious problems to your house – more precisely, to your roof. As strange as it may seem, some of the most innocent and friendly looking members of the local Texas fauna can be the reason why you need an Austin TX roofer to repair or even replace your roof.

Here are some of the most frequent pests that may cause damage to your Texas roof:

1. Birds

It is relaxing watching birds coo on your roof, but you would probably think twice about letting them spend too much time there if you knew that their droppings are acidic. This means that they can destroy even a metal roof in time. The smallest puncture will become easily enlarged as more and more droppings fall on your roof.

2. Squirrels

These furry little creatures do not look dangerous at all. In fact, you are probably doing your best to attract them closer to your home by leaving nuts, pecans and hazelnuts. However, squirrels won’t stop at munching on the treats you offer them, but also on your roof shingles. The damage they cause can be quite extensive and expensive to fix.

3. Bats

No, Batman is not here to save the day. We are talking about actual bats. While they are helpful because they eat mosquitoes, they also have the habit of hiding in tight, dark places – such as, right under your roof. Amazingly enough, they can squeeze even through a 3/8-inch opening! Once inside, they can leave droppings, which contain a dangerous fungus causing lung infections in humans.