If you need a roof that will last a long time, factor in durability when choosing one. Some roofing materials are more durable than others, and in this blog, D and M Roofing takes a look at the most durable roofing materials available on the market today.

Top 4 Most Durable Roofing Materials

Metal – Metal roofing is fast becoming one of the most popular roofing materials available today. It’s lightweight, it has a longer lifespan compared to typical asphalt roofing shingles and it is exceptionally durable. Metal roofs are made from coated galvanized steel, but other options...


Storms cause damage to crops and buildings. When it comes to buildings, roof damage is the most common, followed by damage to other breakable elements (windows, siding, deck…); on the other hand, crops may be entirely or partly affected by storms on considerably large surfaces.

Storm damage has increased in severity in recent years, which shows that these weather phenomena become more aggressive, as a consequence of the global warming. In this context, more and more people are interested to have an insurance policy that protects them against storm damage.

However, storm damage...


If you want to maximize your chances to receive a fair compensation from your insurer, you should get prepared before making the claim.

The first and most important aspect is to know your policy and what does it cover. Work with San Antonio roofing companies that work hand in hand with your insurance company. However, when an accident or a disaster occurs, you should do more than this.

Keeping track of your belongings as well as your expenses related to the event is essential. For example, in the case of a natural calamity...


If you are lucky, you may not have to make an insurance claim ever, but sometimes things do go wrong and you may get involved into some unexpected event like an accident, or a natural disaster, in which case having insurance can get you out of many financial problems. An insurance policy is like a legal promise that you will get assistance when you need it.

The process of insurance claim consists in contacting your insurer and activating its response. It is a process, because your claim will be analyzed to determine whether you fall within your policy’s terms, and the insurer will...


Does your roof offer your house full protection or do you need to repair or replace it soon? Without being a specialist, you can perform a thorough check and determine how healthy the roof really is.

Here is how to do it:

On the Inside

Go to the attic and check for signs of:

  • Sagging – this means that the roof tiles and the insulation underneath it are giving up under the accumulation of dirt or other foreign materials;
  • Dried water circles – these are sure signs of a leak caused by a crack in a roof;
  • Dark colored patches – these...

People always needed a roof over their heads, whatever climate and era they lived in. Across the centuries, the shape of roofs evolved and so did the materials used for creating it. As it may be expected, natural materials were the first ones used for roofs.

1. Clay Tiles

Clay is the oldest type of roofing material identified by researchers. This type of tile is easy and inexpensive to make, so it remained popular for centuries, especially on homes belonging to less affluent people.

2. Slate

Slate is one of the most durable roofing...


The roof for a house is like a haircut for a person: it gives it character as great roofers in Austin Texas will tell you. This is why you should spend some time considering how you want your roof to look when you are discussing design plans with an architect.

To help you find inspiration, here are some popular roofing styles to choose from:

1. The Gable Roof

This design is also known as a peaked roof and it is one of the most popular models in the US. The simple, clean triangular shape makes it stand out and make...


Spring is a capricious season, with heavy rains and high winds when you least expect them. In order to avoid accidents, you should make sure that the fixtures installed on your roof, such as TV antennae, vents and solar panels, are properly secured.

Here are some simple safety precautions you should consider:

1. Manually Check the Fixtures

Taking the adequate safety measures (harness, ladder) go up the roof and check whether the fixtures are moving using your hands only. If you feel the slightest movement, this could be a problem – just imagine what a...


Recent home design trends promote skylights as a must-have feature to make your house more welcoming and pleasant. A skylight allows natural sunlight inside the house through the roof. Some houses have the entire ceiling of a room turned into a skylight, while other homeowners opt for smaller ones.

But is it worth investing into a skylight? Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Skylights Help You Save Money on the Electricity Bills

Having a skylight means that you do not have to turn on the light in the respective room. If you work from home, this is a...


Just like every part of your house, your roof needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Since spring is the season of general cleaning and sprucing up your home, you should also include the roof in your plans.

Roofs are not easy to clean and require special care as those experienced with roofing Austin homes will tell you. With these simple tips, you will be able to do a proper job:

1. Use the Garden Hose with an Attached Sprayer

Although it may seem faster and simpler to clean the roof using a pressure washer, it...


Spring is the season for general cleaning and many homeowners decide to go up on the roof and see how it fared over the winter. There is also some work to do while up there: cleaning gutters, removing moss patches and dry leaves, checking the integrity of tiles, etc.

Here are a few simple tips to make sure you do not injure yourself while working on the roof:

1. Have an Extension Ladder Close to You

Never walk too far away from the extension ladder you used to climb on the roof. Whenever you have to move to a different section of the roof, ask one of the...


Spring brings warmer weather, flowers and trees in bloom, but it also brings sudden storms. After your roof had to endure the harsh winter weather, now it has to be prepared to face high winds and heavy rain.

As a diligent homeowner, you must prepare your Austin roofing to face weather damage. Here is what you can do:

1. Check for Loose Shingles

If shingles appear to rattle and move in the wind, a heavy thunderstorm will certainly dislodge them. By the time you realize that the damage occurred, you will have...


Metal roofs have a reputation of being counted among the most durable, resilient, clean and energy efficient types of roofing you can consider. The residents of most cities in Texas know this full well, and that is one of the main reasons why they opt for metal roofing for their homes and buildings.

As most experts will tell you, metal roofing can be highly reflective and capable of keeping your home cool, if you live in a very hot climate. Since it’s located in the south of the US and closer to the equator than most of the country, the state of Texas has a much warmer climate than...


Calling a local roofer San Antonio hosts for a new roofing project can be a real pain if you haven’t done it much before. Moreover, roofing contractors actually have their own jargon and unique terms. So, if oyu don’t know much about them, you might find yourself in difficulty, even when it comes to just understanding the estimate they provide you with.

Now, you don’t have to know all the roofing terms to understand the essence of what the roofers are talking about most of the time. The following terms should suffice:



The wintertime might be considered somewhat peaceful, since there aren’t many animals and pests around to make your life difficult. However, once spring arrives and all the migrating birds and hibernating animals start coming back, your roof might become a veritable hub of activity for a variety of pests that can bring a lot of debris along with them.

Insect infestations are especially troublesome, and wood shake roofs are usually the main target. If you own a wooden roof, it’s important to take the necessary steps to check for bugs, and pay special attention to termites and other...


There are many possible mistakes you can make when repairing your roof, and improperly fixing or replacing your roof shingles is one of them. While this task doesn’t seem too difficult, it can be tricky enough, especially when you choose to repair a shingle that has to be replaced entirely, or when the actual problem is much deeper than you can see and needs attention from a San Antonio Roofing expert.

Asphalt shingles, as well as nearly every type of shingle, can be repaired quite easily when the damage isn’t too severe. By applying...


As spring draws near, your roofing system is being threatened from within and without, whether by the growing temperature that can highlight a poorly ventilated roof, or by constantly melting and freezing snow causing ice dams and other problems that your roof might not be able to handle.

If you want to overcome these challenges, you’ll have to know a few things about your roofing system, regardless of whether you own the latest upgraded model or a cheap old roof that’s almost breaking down.

First of all, durability isn’t equal to resilience. While some roofing systems, such as...


Communicating with a roofing contractor can be very essential. If you want them to do a good job and you’re looking to ensure that your roof is in good order overall, then you have to initiate any communications yourself, instead of waiting for them to do it.

1. Stay Open

Opening communication channels usually has to do with asking your roofer questions, which they will be compelled to answer based on professional courtesy. When you first meet up with a roofer you’ve never met before, it’s important to stay open and friendly and to provide them with your basic...


Depending on what causes a roof leak, there are several different ways you might have to consider dealing with it. While in some cases, roof leaks are simply the result of a cracked shingle and some mild pooling that has been caused by storms or hail, in other instances the problem is far more complicated than that, and might even require the presence of a professional roof repair San Antonio based roofer.

The most straightforward method of repairing a roof leak is that of repairing the broken shingle or flashing from which the leak...


Modern technology is catching up with the roofing industry, and it’s expected that the change will bring remarkable improvements overall. Whether you’re more interested in getting the best results as a client or a roofing contractor, the use of drones will not disappoint. Assessing a roof and making the right decisions about its size and structure is easier than ever, and it can also be much safer than the alternative.

Climbing on top of a sloped roof to make the necessary measurements before a roofing project is not only tedious and unsafe, but also time consuming. Contractors are...


Pests, such as mice, bats, wasps, rats, termites and flies, are a common nuisance – these resilient and inventive critters find their way easily into your attic and once they are in, it is very difficult to get rid of them. While most attics are attractive for these harmful creatures, some roofing materials attract them more than others – here is what you should know about roofing materials and pests:

- Natural, untreated materials are more attractive – most roofs and attics have wood components, such as planks, beams and elements of the roof’s underlayment. Pests prefer...


Pests are a very common nuisance – almost all geographic regions and almost all roofing materials are affected by pest attacks. Certain types of roofs are more attractive to pests to others – here are the materials that are more likely to give home to insects and rodents:

- Vegetation-covered green roofs – these roof types consist of a special ecosystem, complete with plants and critters as well. While certain insects are necessary for the health of your green roof, it is very important to keep the size of insect populations at bay and to repel the species that can be...


The roof is the topmost layer of defense on any building – whether the roof is flat or sloping, simple or complex, colored in some natural hues or in bold shades, the roof is the building component that will determine how comfortable the temperature inside the building is and how much energy is needed for maintaining thermal comfort. However, when it comes to thermal protection, not all roofs are created equal – here are some factors that will determine whether your roof attracts cold and heat or it withstands outdoor temperature variations:

- The roofing material – some...


Durability is among the most important factors that should determine your choice of the material for your new roof. Each roofing material is designed for a specific lifespan – here is what you can expect:

- Asphalt shingles – most products in this category are warranted for around 20 years, but top-rated products can easily last for five decades or longer;

- Architectural shingles – this type of roofing material is rated to last for around three decades;

- Wood shingles – also warranted for around 30 years, but in mild climates and proper care,...


Roof replacement can take any amount of time from one day to several weeks – here are the factors that influence the length of the period for which you will have to endure the disruption:

- The weather – roof replacement work can be done only when the weather is warm and dry,. This means that rainy and windy days or forecasted bad weather will significantly prolong the replacement project;

- Complexity – roofs that feature a simple design can be replaced more easily by even...

How Many Days

If the leak on your roof seems to come back incessantly and the final diagnosis says that the roof is beyond repair, you are surely worried not only about the costs, but about the duration of the disruption caused by the replacement work as well. While the replacement costs can be high, indeed, the replacement process is not that lengthy – here are some factors that influence the duration:

- The preparation phase – some materials need the old roof to be ripped off, while others, such as metal, can be easily installed on top of the old roof, provided that the new roof is only...


The average costs of roof repairs are determined by several factors – here are the most important ones:

- The complexity of the repair – the more complicated the roof repair project, the higher the costs. Getting a few damaged shingles replaced or fastening a few displaced tiles will obviously cost less than getting a sagging roof fixed and the repairs that require a large roofing team are also more expensive;

- Urgency – most roofers that offer emergency repair services charge emergency fees, making urgent repairs more expensive;

- Regional...


Roof faults that require professional repair can be annoying, in some cases even scary and always uncomfortable, but they are not necessarily expensive. Here are a few of the most important factors that will determine how much you will have to pay for your roof repairs:

- The complexity of the repairs – replacing a couple of damaged shingles or fixing damaged flashing will obviously cost you much less than fixing a complex structural issue. Some roofers charge only around 100 dollars for minor repairs, but a major overhaul can be really expensive, especially if the repair...


Home inspection specialists like roofers in Austin Texas often urge people not to wait for their next professional home inspection before they decide to check their homes for problems regarding structural integrity, roofing, wiring, plumbing and anything else that might need to be considered. Following is a short list of what you should always check for while conducting basic home maintenance checks:

1. As in construction, start with the foundation. How sturdy and secure is your home? Is there any structural damage you can detect while...


It happened to all of us: a sudden storm hits, and the roof we relied on for more than 10-20 years suddenly seems to be in shambles. As we inspect it, we realize that a few shingles were broken or blown off the roof by strong winds or hail, and the roof looks quite defenseless.

A roof that’s missing a few shingles doesn’t seem like a big threat. After all, larger roofs have thousands of shingles, and most people avoid addressing the issue before they notice any leaks. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very practical solution.

If you wait until your roof is damaged enough to leak,...


Looking to renovate your home? While there are a lot of great options when it comes to doing so, it’s also true that there are a lot of mistakes that can be made before and during the project. Following are just a few points that need to be revised whenever you plan on calling a contractor for a new home improvement project:

· Probably the most common mistake to make is not preparing the home properly for your renovation project. You might have left furniture or other items out in the open where they can be damaged, or you might have forgotten to remove the carpeting or light...


Insurance related problems often arise whenever people try to claim the money for their roofing damages. If your roof gets damaged by a powerful storm or a fire, you’d expect your home insurance to cover it; and while this makes sense to most of us, it’s not always what your insurer will tell you.

Home insurance is a delicate subject and one that requires a lot of consideration. The easiest way to make sure there are no unwanted surprises so is to read what your policy says in detail and make sure you talk to your insurer about it. In many cases, basic coverage options you’d expect...


A home renovation project might look like a lot of work. However, as a homeowner, you won’t have to do much as long as you make the right steps to prepare and hire a dependable contractor. The following checklist should help you get started on planning your home renovation project, and making sure that everything is prepared before you call the construction workers, technicians and remodeling experts in to get started on the work:

1. Make a general list of what you’d like to change about your home. Include only the major changes you want to make at first.

2. Do some...


Buying the most affordable roof is one thing, but making sure it will keep helping you save money during the decades to come is a truly special treat. That is, however, precisely what you can gain by opting to look for the most affordable and practical energy-efficient roofing designs and materials available on the market.

One of the best and most affordable type of roofing is metal roofing. Unless you opt for the more expensive copper variety, metal roofs are quite cheap, and most of them are also easy to install. Aside from supporting a large number of possible upgrades, metal...


Are you interested in locating the best materials and styles for your new roof? Roof replacements might be considered difficult by some, but with the right advice, you can make some excellent choices in terms of price, quality, durability and aesthetic appeal.

The first thing to consider when choosing a roof replacement is how much you’d be willing to spend and how far ahead you’d be willing to invest your money. Asphalt shingles are a great choice if you only plan on staying in your current home for 15-20 years, while composite shingles are a more durable upgrade that is still...


If you’re interested in keeping your roof in good order, there are many possible ways to do that. One of them is to have roofers in Austin weatherproof your roof to prevent water, wind, hail or snow from affecting it. Depending on the type of roof you currently own, there can be many solutions to this problem:

1. Depending on the type of roof you own, you might be able to install special coating designed to withstand the kind of weather you’re dealing with. This can include coating made to withstand the powerful UV rays emanating from the...


Homeowners these days have a lot to do to make their homes more presentable. Whether you own a large mansion or a condo in the city, you can consider anything from a paint job, to added insulation, to a brand new metal door. Best of all, adding value to the home you own doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. Depending on where you live, you can do it just by spending a couple of thousand dollars on a new outdoor kitchen, and the extra money you’ll get when you sell your home will be significantly larger.

One of the best home improvements you can consider is to replace...


Holidays are coming and all the homeowners who embrace its spirit want to show it off. And not just in the house, with a Christmas tree and seasonal decorations, but also outside. Holiday lights hung around the house have become a tradition, with some people taking it to the extreme with highly elaborate designs.

This Year, Forget about DIY Work

Whenever there is a demand, there is an offer to fulfill it. Professional San Antonio roofing companies can help you decorate your home with beautiful holiday lights,...


The simplest answer to this question is: the internet. However, things are not as simple as they seem. You may fall victim to a scammer. Or you could end up hiring an electrician or plumber without a license and their work may void your home insurance.

Use the Internet Wisely

In the end, you will still be using the internet to find a handyman. But there are smart ways to do that in order to minimize risks. Here are some good places to perform your searches:

1. The Social Media

The simplest and most reliable way to find a handyman...


Homeowners spend a lot of money on their homes, and depending on whether they need a detailed makeover – complete with a thorough paint job, a kitchen remodel and the installation of added roofing or siding – or whether they just want their homes to be tidy and well-organized, the prices will vary greatly.

Basic maintenance usually involves things like a roof inspection by a contractor experienced in roofing San Antonio homes, checking the wiring, fixing a few holes in the roof and making sure your lawn is weed-free and well taken...


Looking to boost your safety and that of your family? Keeping the premises secure is not always easy, and if you want your home to be completely safe from intruders or from the elements, you will have to take a few important precautions. Here are the most essential of these that you need to consider:

1. First, check the structural integrity of your doors and windows. Do you have any old or broken down doors, windows, gates or locks that might need replacing? If so, you might want to consider replacing wooden items with metal ones and making sure your home has no weak points where...


A leaky roof does not happen overnight. It starts with a small defect – a crack, a loose shingle, an inadequate strip of flashing. As weather elements work on this small vulnerability, it grows into a larger tear – an entry point for rain water, fungi and mould into your home.

How Can Your Prevent Roof Leaks?

The only way to do this is to keep a close eye on early signs of roof damage. Here are a few signs you should pay attention to:

1. Shingles Fallen on the Ground

Just a single shingle off your roof means one vulnerable spot that...


When you’re moving to a different town, you’re liable to make a lot of common mistakes that you don’t even think about. Selling the home you and your family have lived in for 2-3 decades can be stressful enough, but when you also have to keep track of how to manage your activities and your budget for the move, things can become even more disconcerting.

One of the main mistakes is not calling the movers on time or not searching for a good storage company at least a few weeks in advance. Managing your inventory and making sure you move only the items you can to your new home (while...


Brace yourselves, winter is coming! You may know this phrase from a popular TV series, but it is also a very actual warning for all homeowners. The coming winter will bring heavy winds, freezing temperatures and lots of snow. And the roof of your house will bear the brunt of the inclement weather conditions.

A Good Roof Means a Warm and Safe Home

Roof defects are the entry point of cold temperatures, moisture, fungi and mould into your home. During the winter, especially in case of heavy rains and snowfalls in some areas, it is difficult to notice something...


Regular roof cleaning can help to keep your roof in good working order much longer than you’re used to. Even when you have an older roof or one that is somewhat more broken down and ragged because of constant rainfall and storms, simply cleaning it on a regular basis can increase its lifespan, prevent costly repairs and make regular roof maintenance much easier than before.

Roof cleaning works in many ways towards these goals:

1. It prevents mold and mildew from forming and causing severe damage to your roof.

2. If your roof is clean, it will discourage pests from...


So you just decided to have a new metal roof installed, but when you talked to a few roofers in your area, you realized that there are so many different options, you don’t even know what to choose. While the process can feel overwhelming and frustrating, you can find the most imposing and beautiful roofs based on the following criteria:

· Metal works extremely well when you need a more modern feel from your home. The roof can be designed using colors, patterns and textures to make it look more futuristic and detail-oriented.

· A metal roof looks best if it looks...


Roof leaks can cause a lot of problems, if they’re allowed to go unnoticed. Ignoring them can lead you to wake up one day with your attic and most of your walls affected, or even some of your rooms flooded.

Fortunately, you can address the issue early on by checking up on some of the most common locations where roof leaks can be found:

· Check the entire expanse of your shingles, shakes or tiles, to expose any areas where your roof was damaged and a possible leak might be located.

· The head wall flashing and the step flashing are both potential culprits,...


There are a lot of possible reasons why you might want to get a new roof. In some cases, it’s because the existing roof is damaged beyond repair. In others, it’s because you just moved to a new area, and you want to fortify your home before having your family move in. However, fashion and aesthetics also represent good reasons to apply new colors.

Curb appeal is not only a luxury that you consider when you want to impress your neighbors. The appearance of your home’s exterior is also a strong personal statement and a quality of your home that could carry a lot of weight, if you...


Have you just checked your roof and found out that your shingles are in bad shape? Even though it might be somewhat costly to fix, this problem shouldn’t be allowed to degenerate. The following recommendations will help you make the most practical decisions regarding your roof and all your loose shingles:

· Your shingles start to drop after even a milder storm. Storm damage is a typical case when loose roof shingles have to be taken care of, since failure to do so can lead to significant water and wind damage.

· Do you live in an area where it rains often? If that’s...


November is a beautiful time in Texas. Even though the area isn’t as cold as the weather you’d experience up north, it’s important not to ignore just how damaging it can be to ignore proper roof maintenance before the onset of winter.

The winters in Texas aren’t that bad, but the weather can be extremely volatile. Regardless of whether you live in the northern or southern part of the state, you can experience significant precipitation and strong winds. As a result, your gutter system, the structural integrity of your roof and the presence of any leaks or cracked shingles should be...


A lot of people will tell you that with a good insurance policy you can be protected from just about everything. Whether the problem has to do with storm damage or with a poorly built roof, it’s often possible to get discounted assistance with at least basic roof repair tasks – if not a full replacement.

The most important thing to realize is that homeowner insurance doesn’t cover all causes of storm damage. While it can help with storm damage caused by wind, lightning and hail, it’s often the more pressing and debilitating issues that the coverage won’t help you with. A standard...


Roof maintenance is an important problem that is often not given the level of attention that it deserves. Your roof is an integral part of your home as the San Antonio roofing experts will tell you, and if you fail to take proper care of it, not only the roofing structure will have to suffer, but your entire house.

Even though tall trees are a beautiful addition to almost any garden, smaller homes in particular can suffer as a result of the trees’ close proximity. The problem is that the trees are constantly growing, and their fragile...


Whether you have a modern home with an outdoor kitchen or one featuring stylish siding and a beautiful garden, all the elements involved with your home will require protecting once the area becomes a genuine roofing job site. Not all contractors and roofing technicians are considerate enough to make sure your home and landscaping is completely protected from damage, so you’ll often have to take a few important measures yourself:

· Start by asking your Austin roofing specialist for recommendations on protecting your home, and make sure you...


Clogged gutters can be a big problem especially during the fall and winter season. It can lead to extensive pooling and ice dams that can damage your roof and walls, as well as your foundation. As a result, it is extremely important to take all the necessary measures to keep your gutters clean and leaf-free and avoid any unnecessary roof repair San Antonio roofers have to do.

The first thing you have to do is actually get on a ladder and inspect your gutters to see if they are clogged or if there are any leaves, branches or other...


Commercial roofing often has the reputation of being more complicated and costly when compared to residential roofing. However, this isn’t necessarily so. In fact, a complete commercial roof assessment for a building of small or medium size will not take too long, and the considerations involved will be surprisingly straightforward.

When you call expert roofers in Austin to inspect and assess your commercial roof, you can expect them to want access both above and below the roof. They will want to inspect how resilient the construction is, how...


A new roof can be an excellent asset when you live in an area where curb appeal is highly valued. Whether you have to get your lawn in order or to add a new outdoor kitchen to make your home look better, a new roof will always add that extra touch of aesthetic beauty, while also improving the practical value of your home.

Older roofing systems can lose their coloring, and their designs can be considered dated when compared to the newest roofing systems in use today. Even the best roofing systems of the past 2-3 decades can look somewhat bland and require a complete makeover. To avoid...


Buying a new roof can be a costly endeavor. Even the cheapest roofing system can cost somewhere between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the size of your home. Also, with add-ons such as new gutters, coating and skylights, the price can be much higher. So what can you do to save money and make sure you can afford investing into a perfect new roof for your home? Here are a few simple tips to consider:

1. Consider organizing all your home renovation and repair tasks based on their importance. By putting less important repairs on the back burner, you can already save a few hundred...


When you have to deal with long term roof maintenance, making sure your roof is weatherproof can be an important thing to consider. While most people will not think that a weatherproof or waterproof roof is absolutely necessary – and, depending on the area you live in, experts might agree – you have to know more about it, especially if your home is in a region where rainfall is quite frequent.

Getting a new roof doesn’t always solve all your problems. Even the best metal roof or most expensive slate roofing system is prone to issues like water damage, leaking, pooling or rust. As a...


Fall isn’t as much of a problem in Texas as in most other places around the US. However, whether you live in the north or south of the state of Texas, fall can still bring about a change in temperature and changing weather that can easily upset the balance of your home.

Preparing for fall can be as easy as tending to your lawn and making sure your gutters and siding no longer need repairs. Cleaning your home exterior is one of the main priorities before summer’s end, and you can reduce the number of pests you might have to deal with by simply tidying up your garden.



Metal roofing has become a viable choice in many areas. Aside from the fact that metal is quite a cheap and versatile material when it comes to roofing, its resilience, durability, energy efficiency and long term, low maintenance support are known to be among its best assets. Metal roofs are even fireproof, and can withstand fire and water damage more easily than most other types of roofing.

Texas is one of the places where unpredictable weather, fires and water damage due to passing storms and hurricanes in the area can be quite extensive. As a result, metal roofing can be quite a...


The attic is that place everyone would prefer to forget that it exists. After all, what is it good for except for storing old furniture and other extra items? Actually, the attic is very important, especially for the roof of your house. A well ventilated attic will protect the roof from overheating and will not allow mold and fungus to take hold inside your house.

The following tips will help you make sure that the attic is properly ventilated at all times:

1. Install Attic Vent Fans

An attic vent fan works by pushing out hot air from inside the attic...


The roof of your house is the number one victim of severe heat during the summer. Every day it receives the full brunt of the sun rays and sweltering heat. In time, this can lead to damages – at first barely visible, but increasingly serious, until your entire roof is compromised.

Three Ways in Which Severe Heat Affects Roofs

1. UV Rays Damage

The heat itself is not the only enemy a roof has to face, but UV rays from the sun. The bad news is that UV rays will penetrate even clouds, so there is no reprieve from...


Texas is home to many creatures, great and small. And some of them can cause serious problems to your house – more precisely, to your roof. As strange as it may seem, some of the most innocent and friendly looking members of the local Texas fauna can be the reason why you need an Austin TX roofer to repair or even replace your roof.

Here are some of the most frequent pests that may cause damage to your Texas roof:

1. Birds

It is relaxing watching birds coo on your roof, but you would probably think twice about...


Ideally, every building owner should call a roof inspection every year, preferably in spring. This will let them know how their roof fared during the winter and give them time to schedule repair works during the warm season. If you have just scheduled your first roof inspection, you need to know what the specialist is supposed to do in order to have a complete image of the condition of the roof.

Key Elements of a Roof Inspection

1. Interior Inspection

The roof inspector will ask to have a look at the inside of the...


One of the most frequent reasons for roof damage is water gathering and pooling on it. This occurs when the gutter guards and gutters themselves are not maintained properly and do not allow water to drain properly. No matter what type of roof your house has, it can become vulnerable to water collecting on it over time and should be evaluated by a roofing San Antonio expert.

The Most Dangerous Problems Water Can Cause to Roofs

1. Structural Damage

If water damage is...


How long is it since you last waterproofed your roof? A few years? Or you have no idea at all? The roof, however, has its own way of letting you know that you should put this maintenance activity on your list of expenses. It is a necessary one – because a leaking roof can invite fungus and mold in your home, putting your entire family at risk.

Warning Signs that Your Roof Needs Waterproofing

1. Sand in the Gutter

The grainy, black sand you notice in the gutter is not sand at all – but particles from the top...


Cool roofs are treated with a special reflective coating that makes the sun rays bounce off. In general, a regular roof can reach a temperature of up to 150 degrees in summer. According to the US Department of Energy, a cool roof is up to 50 degrees cooler, under the same weather conditions.

Should Austin Residents Opt for a Cool Roof?

With average summer temperatures between 74 and 96 degrees, Austin TX homes can get really hot. Thus, residents have to turn on the air conditioning to keep cool. Thus, a cool roof is not just a good idea, but a necessity. Here...


Summer is almost over and many homeowners are already starting to winter proof their houses. The roof is probably the most important part of the house, so you should have an annual routine to maintain and repair it before the onset of the cold season.

How to Keep Your Roof Intact During Winter

1. Check for Leaks and Fix Them

First of all, take a tour of your attic carrying a powerful torch. Look at every corner of the ceiling and note potential leaks. These apparently unimportant issues can become serious after a...


A major storm is a cause of concern for every homeowner, especially when the roof gets damaged by falling debris, hail or high winds. However, no matter how upset you may be, you should prepare as soon as possible to file a roof storm damage claim with your insurance company.

Since this can be a complex and time-consuming process, the tips below will help you handle the situation with confidence:

1. Assess and Document the Damage Immediately after the Storm

As soon as it is safe to get out of the house, get a camera (or your mobile phone if it has a...


Saving energy is not only good for the planet, but also for your wallet, and the roofers in San Antonio enjoy helping you save money with a new roof installation. As electricity costs keep going up, more and more people are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. And one way of achieving this goal is opting for an energy efficient roof.

The Most Energy Efficient Roof Materials

The key to selecting an energy efficient roof is matching the material the roof is made of with the general climate...


For the past decades, asphalt shingle roofing has been among the cheapest quality roofing materials that were ever in use. Quite popular because of that status, asphalt shingle roofing was, however, never able to reach the level of approval that more expensive roofing alternatives have, including cheap metal and wood shakes.

All that changed with the introduction of composite shingle roofing, also known as architectural asphalt shingles. This type of roofing is made up of special shingles that are designed to look and feel similar to asphalt shingles, being only slightly pricier, but...


Durability is often misunderstood when it comes to the roofing industry. While materials like slate have the longest lifespan – which, in the case of natural slate, can exceed 150 years – this doesn’t necessarily mean that slate is by far the most durable material. Slate can outlast anything, but it’s not the most resilient, and it requires careful maintenance to last that long.

Another option is concrete. Similar to slate, concrete is also remarkably durable, but it’s also not as brittle or easily broken. Concrete roofs might be slightly on the heavier side, but they can withstand...


You might think that home ventilation is only important in the summer, when it’s very hot, or in the winter, when the cold doesn’t allow you to open the window too often. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Home ventilation can play an important role in larger homes, both in the spring and in the autumn. Depending on the area you live in, it can even mean the difference between a comfortable home and one that constantly requires new paint and repairs.

As the weather starts to warm in the spring, you can expect lots of new flowers to bloom and your dog might need to be taken out...


Did you know that there are more than 150,000 roofers in the United States alone. The roofing industry is one of the most sought out among all the industries related to construction and home renovation, and despite this fact, it’s also one of the most dangerous.

Roofers work hard in the summer without much protection against the scorching sunlight, and they also expose themselves to extreme risks every time they climb a ladder to check on a roof or work on one. If you want to become a skilled roofer Austin has many opportunities as well as...


Hail damage is the single most destructive force that can damage specific shingles on your roof. Even hurricanes don’t have the ability to inflict that level of damage in such a short period of time without needing strong winds or any special circumstances. When hail falls at high speed its impact force can crack shingles and even break them entirely.

The way hail damages even the most resilient of shingles is by focusing a large impact force into a very small surface area. Since hail falls at high speed, the sharp edges and heaviness of the ice it contains will hit like a small...


Buying new roof shingles is a necessity from time to time, especially if you live in an area where a combination between intense sunlight and unpredictable weather can lead to major damage befalling your wonderful roof. Fortunately, there are roofing products that not only prevent long term damage, but can also help you save money down the line and any of the good roofing companies in Austin will have experience with them.

In areas with extreme sunlight and higher than average temperatures, reflective roof shingles definitely fit the profile...


The gutters are one of the most important secondary installations linked to the roof itself. Gutters have the role of allowing water to flow easily off the roof without affecting your home’s exterior walls. With a sturdy set of gutters you can be sure that all the water flows safely to the ground, without damage to your siding, paint or foundation.

Of course, even the best siding installation need to be repaired from time to time. Here are a few of the main signs your gutters might need some repairing:

· The most obvious sign is that the gutters are leaking visibly and...


Built-up roofing systems are made to use multiple types of roof felts that are laminated together to create a multi-layered design that prevents almost any type of damage. As a flat roofing product, built-up roofing is usually used only in commercial roofing projects, being considered one of the best type of commercial roof currently on the market. CCR Roofing company offers commercial roofing systems that are dependable and long lasting.

What’s so special about built-up roofing? Well, first we must look at the layered design and what it...


Durability is often misunderstood when it comes to the roofing industry. While materials like slate have the longest lifespan – which, in the case of natural slate, can exceed 150 years – this doesn’t necessarily mean that slate is by far the most durable material. Slate can outlast anything, but it’s not the most resilient, and it requires careful maintenance to last that long.

Another option is concrete. Similar to slate, concrete is also remarkably durable, but it’s also not as brittle or easily broken. Concrete roofs might be slightly on the heavier side, but they can withstand...


For the past decades, asphalt shingle roofing has been among the cheapest quality roofing materials that were ever in use. Quite popular because of that status, asphalt shingle roofing was, however, never able to reach the level of approval that more expensive roofing alternatives have, including cheap metal and wood shakes.

All that changed with the introduction of composite shingle roofing, also known as architectural asphalt shingles. This type of roofing is made up of special shingles that are designed to look and feel similar to asphalt shingles, being only slightly pricier, but...


Every HOA community needs some construction from time to time and regular maintenance is also essential for keeping up the quality of the buildings and of life in general in the community, so here are a few tips to help you find a reliable and professional contractor for your HOA’s needs:

- Select a pool of at least 3-5 candidates – assess the contractors in your area based on their reputation, then contact them to find out about their availability and to request quotes that include information related to starting dates and completion deadlines, labor and material costs,...


Sloping, residential roofing systems consist of more than what meets the eye – they are complex structures composed of several layers, each of the layers playing its own essential role in ensuring the safety, the integrity and the efficiency of the roof. Here are the most important roofing components:

- Roof covering – the topmost layer of any roof, consisting of shingles made from metal, asphalt, composite, wood or metal or of tiles made from metal, clay or concrete and strengthened with underlayment for increased weather-resistance and thermal efficiency and should...


When roofing repairs can no longer be ignored or postponed, it can feel overwhelming to come up with the cash necessary for such an investment. Fortunately, there are options to help in advance. Chief among these options include preventatively having your roof inspected yearly.

Regular inspections of your roof can help prevent other issues down the road. Signs of wear can begin with missing or cracked shingles. Granules from asphalt can also be a sign of wear especially if you notice these right after a heavy storm. Preventing water damage to your roof and gutters can be as...


Whether you are a fan of absurd or gallows humor or you prefer jokes that have a situational punchline, roofers and roofing are featured in jokes of all kinds. If you are a roofer, telling jokes about your trade and about the typical forms of behavior noticeable in roofing situations is an excellent ice-breaker, a communication tool that can set the atmosphere of the conversation with your clients, suppliers, even with the representatives of the authorities. If you are consciously building your communication strategies and you are looking for a way to add some fun and lightheartedness to...


If you have decided to paint your home’s exterior, but you don’t have experience with paint jobs, here are a few things that you need to know before opening the first bucket of paint:

- Check the weather forecast – pick a dry period for the paint work to minimize the risk of the issues caused by high humidity in the air, such as altered color and longer drying time;

- Buy quality paint – exterior paint nowadays comes in many price categories and the price of the paint is almost always indicative of the quality....


Some roofing issues can be easily solved by amateur roofers and there are roofing-related questions that you can easily answer on your own. However, some roofing questions can be answered only by roofers trained to assess the condition of roofs accurately and to determine the best course of action in situations when there are too many possibilities – here are some of these questions:

- Repair or replacement – roofs can be tricky especially when you are roofing San Antonio homes. There are roofs that look really bad, but are...


The roof is the topmost layer on any building, the layer that protects the building against the elements, which also means that reinforcing the roof with proper weather-proofing is essential for maximizing the performance and the efficiency of the protection offered by the roof. Weather-proofing the roof improves the home’s energy-efficiency as well – if the roof does not allow the heat to escape from the home in winter and it prevents the heat from getting into the house in summer, you will not only enjoy a more comfortable home, but you will also pay less on heating and cooling...


It was just a few years ago that we first saw these small, strange-looking flying machines called drones that were used to record events from above. Today, drones are used not only for creating entertainment-related video footages – their scope of application nowadays ranges from advertising to security and from agriculture to building projects. Drones have transformed the roofing industry as well – here are some of the most common uses of drones in the field of roofing:

- Measurements and the accurate assessment of roofing conditions –in the past, complete teams were required...


The principle role of roofs is to protect the building underneath against the elements. To be able to fulfill this essential role, roofs need to be strong and intact all over, even in the sensitive areas where two large parts of the roof are joined or around the vents, the skylights and the chimneys. To make sure that the roofs is weather-proof even where the structure is sensitive to the penetration of water, roofers experienced in roofing Austin homes use flashing, pieces of treated metal, such as galvanized steel or aluminum, of roof cement or of...


Wildfires destroy large natural and living areas every year, threatening lives and devastating homes. One of the housing components that is the most exposed to any kind of extreme weather event and to calamities, including fires is the roof, so if you want to make sure that your home is safe, you need to protect your roof. Here is how:

- Risk assessment – in terms of fire resistance, roofing materials are categorized into class A, B and C and there are some materials that are unrated. Class A materials provide the highest level of protection against fires, while unrated...


Texas roofs work hard to protect your home all the time, therefore they need your attention at least a couple of times a year. The first step in roof maintenance is detailed and careful inspection from the ground and then from up there as well – here is how to do it properly:

- Inspection from the ground – walk around the house and look for debris that has fallen from the roof – you may find parts from chipped tiles or even entire shingles that indicate damaged roof components. Look up on the roof (if necessary, use binoculars to see better) to check for any visible sagging,...


Wherever your property is throughout the country, your area is probably affected by some sort of extreme weather systems and even the driest areas get torrential rain several times a year. While harsh sunshine and high winds are also harmful for roofs, the most common type of damage sustained by roofs is caused by excessive amounts of water. Here are a few methods to protect your roof and your home against water damage:

- Regular inspections and repair by roofers in Austin Texas – roofs that are intact can stand up to large volumes of...


Squirrels are certainly cute and they can keep you entertained for hours, but they can also become a nuisance, especially if they decide to use their sharp teeth and claws to scratch on your rooftop to find shelter in your attic – as seen by some of the Austin roofing contractors here are the types of damage they can cause:

- Chewing – squirrels can gnaw at anything, including the shingles on the roof, the wooden layer of the roof, even lead sheathing, vent pipes and attic insulation, causing roof leaks and exposing your home to the...


Energy-efficient roofing can provide the thermal protection that you need in your home in winter as well as in summer and it can significantly lower your energy bills as well. If your roof looks good, but you are not sure whether it is energy-efficient indeed, here are a few signs that tell you your roof does not provide suitable protection for your home:

- High energy bills – paying too much on heating and cooling your home even though the walls are insulated and appliances in your home are modern and don’t consume too much is a sign than there is too much thermal exchange...


If you live in a stormy region, you surely want to protect your roof against the damage caused by hail, high winds and other phenomena that accompany extreme weather events and you surely want to remedy the damage already sustained by your roof as soon as possible. To be able to determine the best course of action, you first of all need to climb up to the roof after the storm to check it for signs of damage – here is what to look for:

- Wind damage – strong winds tend to rip off roofing components, so look for missing shingles or tiles. If you have a shingle roof, you will...


When faced with an unexpected roofing repair, it can be hard to know exactly what to do first. The thought of gathering up buckets and towels is something no homeowner wants to deal with; but, being able to act fast in such an emergency can help you minimize the damage you incur. In short order, accessing the damage by way of a professional roofer and filing a claim with your insurance will go a long way in getting you back up and running after major storm damage.

Access the damage

If your roof has been hit by large hail, it's a safe bet to wait until the...


Roof cleaning is actually one of the most important maintenance operations. The dirt, moss and algae that tend to accumulate on roof surfaces are not only unsightly – they also trap moisture and serve as breeding grounds for insects and other pests, so any accumulation of impurities endangers the integrity of your roof and reduces its longevity.

Moss, algae, mildew and fungus tend to grow in moist environments and in shaded areas – the dirt and other debris carried by the wind, such as twigs and dry leaves accumulate on the surface of the roof, then they absorb water, creating a...


Roofing safety is essential when you’re doing DIY work to check, repair or renovate your roof. Whether your project is a simple one or a more complex one, you can’t ignore the importance and necessity of roofing safety measures.

Most roofers will know all about roofing safety, and will even be able to give you pointers such as the ones we will present here. However, if you prefer to do all the work yourself, it’s important to keep in mind at least some very essential safety tips and recommendations:

· Never work on a wet roof. Even with the best safety gear, there’s still...


Texas can be a volatile place to live when it comes to storms and weather problems. Weatherproofing your roof, getting a cool roof and making sure you perform frequent maintenance checks should be among your main priorities. Here are just some risks that failing to do so would expose you to:

· Wind damage is quite common in the state of Texas. If you haven’t checked your San Antonio roof for a while, make sure you check for missing, broken or displaced shingles. This type of damage is common and easily remedied, but has to be fixed in good time.

· Water damage can...


Have you had your roof checked lately? What is the flashing like? If you haven’t had an expert take a look at your roof, it might be high time to do so, especially considering the damage that bad flashing could cause.

The flashing present on your roof is there to protect your home from leaks. It is placed between roofing shingles, at corners or places where different areas of your roof meet at an angle. This is usually where water can most easily penetrate in the gap between roofing fixtures, so flashing is used as a special material to fill those gaps and prevent water from leaking...


Roof damage can take many forms but proper attic ventilation is essential to the health and longevity of any roof. Inadequate ventilation can lead to several issues depending on the time of year and season. Ventilation is required to keep the attic cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Here are a few common reasons to maintain proper attic ventilation:


A roof can deteriorate as fast as mold can start growing. Excess moisture from improper ventilation can come from moist hot air in the winter or trapped humidity built up from cooling...


When faced with roofing issues, most people prefer to avoid any kind of lengthy discourse about the problem and just pay a roofing San Antonio team to fix it for them. However, if you don’t want to waste money or hire the wrong experts, it’s always a good idea to learn more about your roof and its components.

The decking is especially important, because it’s like the foundation for your entire roof. Decking structures can vary in size, shape and material, and can also constitute a significant problem when dealing with recurring...


A metal roof is a great choice for homeowners looking to replace a roof. It's great curb appeal, long lifespan and resilience are just a few of the benefits that come along with metal roofing. So once you decide to go with a metal roofing system how do you ensure your roof stays in great shape? Here we will go over a few metal roofing tips.

Have your roof inspected

The harsh elements your roof endures is reason enough to have it inspected. Ideally, you should have your roof inspected twice a year or after a strong storm hits your area. Leaks can go...


This summer it’s all about proper roof maintenance and preventing the severe roofing damage that has caused you to be forced to spend a lot of money on repairs in the past. The following recommendations are given by roofing experts to help you prepare for the worst, and prevent it from happening before any damage occurs:

· The first thing to do is to take measures to protect your roof and home against the heat of summer. Depending on your budget, this can mean anything from installing additional attic insulation to giving your roof a brand new coat or even replacing your...


Depending on where you live, birds, insects and other pests can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Some birds might build their nests on your roof, introducing harmful debris that could clog your gutters and even damage the roof directly. Squirrels and possums can also cause at least some damage either by damaging your shingles and flashing directly or just through their constant marches across sensitive parts of your roof.

When it comes to rodents, birds, insects and other pests, you can never be too careful. Pooling and clogged gutters can often increase the amount of water or...


If you notice damage on your residential roof, you might need to have your roof repaired by professionals, there are many skilled San Antonio roofing companies to choose from. Usually, when the damage is minor, DIY is an option. However, what if you’re not satisfied with the amount of energy your home uses for warming up or cooling off your environment? Also, what if your roof causes ventilation and insulation problems that cannot be fixed by any simple means? If that’s the case, you might want to consider switching to a modern,...


One of the top roofing material choices for homeowners is the Asphalt shingle. What makes this easy to maintain roofing option so popular among homeowners is the overall cost, versatility, and durability of asphalt. Asphalt shingle roofs can protect virtually any kind of home and enhance its curb appeal. Here we will explore the various benefits of an Asphalt roofing system.


Your roof is such an essential part of your home that "keeping a roof over your head" is the very concept of what a home is. Maintaining your roof investment is crucial to...


When it comes to commercial roofing, the roof designs and materials that are used can be more expensive and require more complex repairs than residential roofs. The following are a few of the main concerns to keep track of in order to prevent roof deterioration from getting out of hand:

· If you look inside your building, whether on the walls or in the attic – if applicable – you might notice signs such as mold, stains on the ceilings and walls, an increased number of parasites and insects, as well as a greater amount of moisture. These are typically signs that your damaged...


From painting to landscaping to sudden repairs, owning a home often comes with several responsibilities. When it comes to maintaining a home some things can wait and others require more urgency than others. Here we list just a few home improvements that you should consider doing as soon as possible in order to avoid costly repairs later.


Adding insulation to key areas around your home can pay off in the long run. A good seal around windows and doors will not only keep the heat in the winter but will keep your house cool during the summer months....

Benefits of Tile Shingles

If you are currently in the process of choosing the material for your new roof, either because your old roof has come of age and needs to be replaced or because you are building a new home, here are the benefits offered by the most flexible and most diverse roofing material: shingles.

Variety in Design and Material

Tile shingles come in so many colors, textures, shapes and sizes that you can easily find the variety that suits the overall design of your home. Shingles are varied in terms of materials as well - concrete, metal, composite, slate and clay tiles are...


If you live in an area prone to storms and hurricanes, such as Texas, you need to do everything you can to protect your home against storm damage – here is how:

- Review your insurance policy – even the most solid building may sustain storm damage, so make sure your home insurance policy provides the coverage that you need if the inevitable happens, not only for hurricane damage, but for the water damage caused by the floods that usually follow the hurricane;

- Inspect and repair your roof – the roof is the largest contiguous part on a home that is exposed to the...


Has your commercial roof seen better days? Replacing a commercial roof is a large undertaking and investment. There are many factors to consider when it comes time to replace a commercial roof.

A commercial roof should on average last anywhere from 15-30 years. Wear and tear from hail, wind, and rain can all lead to expensive replacements often sooner than later. Replacing a roof is one of the biggest expenditures a building owner or facility manager makes, so it's important to address all concerns with a qualified professional roofer.

Here are some of the Commercial...


Storm damage restoration is never an easy feat. The time and effort required to have a claim processed can really test anyone's patience. Fortunately, we are with you every step of the way.

At CCR Roofing we take great pride in illuminating a path for you, so that you may understand the claim and insurance process.

We are professionals in our field and are accustomed to dealing with extensive storm damage.

Here are a few of the steps we go through in order to get your roof repaired or replaced.


We assess the damage to your...


The chimney is the highest point of any building and the building component that is the most exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, it is also the component that homeowners know the least about and pay the least attention to. If you don’t want to be a negligent homeowner, here are a few things that you never knew about your chimney, but are essential for keeping it functional and safe:

- Your chimney is the element through which the toxic by-products of the heating process escape, so keeping the chimney clean is essential for the safety of your home. Call a professional...


If you are worried that your roof might get damaged by harsh Texas weather, but you don’t know what to look for, here are 5 of the most common roofing issues that you need to pay attention to:

- Damage caused by pests and rodents – insects, such as termites and animals, such as squirrels, birds or raccoons love to spend time in the shades provided by roofs and they also love to move in completely, building nests underneath your roof or inside your gutters. To prevent this issue, have the...


Roof replacement isn't something you take on often as a homeowner. Understanding and knowing the components that make up your roof are of great importance when it comes to knowing how they integrate into your roof system.

A proper roofing system includes:

  • Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Ice and Water Shield
  • Drip edge and Flashing
  • Vents


Shingles come in all types and varieties. The most common shingle is the Asphalt shingle. Asphalt shingles offer protection against the harshest of elements. They are an...


The construction industry is constantly developing and evolving and so is the roofing industry within it. The most important innovations that are probably here to stay for years come in the field of smart devices that are increasingly used to improve energy-efficiency and to reduce the time needed to accomplish a roofing project and the related costs as well. Here are a few of these amazing innovations:

- Wearable technology – smart devices that can be worn by people working high up on roofs makes job sites safer and work more efficient.

- Drones – aerial...


As a realtor, we understand how important your inspection reports and buyers themselves can be. Finding problems with an existing roof isn't always easy, but we make it our priority to repair and replace whatever the issue may be. When leaks go undetected, roof problems can lower the overall property value. If repairs aren't done correctly or in a timely manner, we're mindful your buyer can simply walk away.

When you work with CCR Roofing we strive for a simple and straightforward process when it comes to repairs and roof replacements. Our team of roofing experts are well versed...


The installation of a new roof or having extensive roof repair San Antonio contractors offer done on an existing roof are two of the costliest procedures in any home, so if your roof is brand-new or its health has just been restored, you probably want to make sure it will live as long as possible. Here are a few tips that can ensure your roof will protect your home against the elements for a long time to come:

- Roof inspections – to make sure everything is in perfect up there, get the roof inspected every six months. If you...


There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you may have animals in your attic. Aside from the initial panic of hearing scratching and scampering on your roof, there is fear of actual damage caused by these unwelcome critters. Several kinds of animals can find their way into your attic and home via your roof. While mice may be the first creatures that come to mind, raccoons, squirrels, and rats can also target roofs and attics as a nesting spot.

The time of year and overall condition of your roof can provide ample opportunity for one or more entry points into your attic....


The condition of the roof on a building, especially on a home say a lot about how responsible and how caring the owner is. Family houses are usually larger and more comfortable than apartments, but maintaining the yard, the garden and the building, including not only the façade and the interior spaces, but the roof as well requires permanent effort – it is enough to neglect your homeowner’s duties for a few weeks and the formerly attractive, well-maintained property starts looking messy, dirty and unattractive.

When it comes to what the roof on your home says about you, a...


When it comes to repairs and protecting your home, it's what's on top that counts the most. Because of this, there is a lot of inaccurate information surrounding roof repairs and replacement.

Here we discuss and dispel a few myths about roofing:

1. You don't need to replace each missing shingle.

Every shingle counts! They are all in collaboration with other shingles upon your roof. When one is compromised or missing, it can create a weak spot and can lay bare the underlayment and wood beneath....


The roof designs and roof types used in a specific geographical area are largely determined by the climate of area. In the case of San Antonio roofing designs, the roofs on local properties need to be able to withstand the hardships caused by the region’s humid subtropical climate that comes with extremely hot, humid weather in summer (winters in the area are very mild, snow is very rare, so the period between fall and spring is very forbidding with roofs). Here are a few of the most efficient roof designs and materials used successfully in...


Did you know most roofs are only meant to last from 15 to 20 years? There are many varieties of materials that can certainly add longevity to a roof but maintenance is key. Damage from wear and weather can affect your entire home if left unheeded. Here we explain a few typical roofing materials and how they stack up.

An Asphalt roof is among the most common roofing materials around. It has many benefits and is typically less expensive when compared to slate or metal options. Depending on the grade of asphalt, you can expect about 15 years from an...


Preventing water damage to your roof can be as simple as maintaining and cleaning your gutters. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, cleaning your gutters can make all the difference when it comes to roof longevity. As a homeowner, roof maintenance and proper drainage upon your roof should be a high priority. After all, your roof investment is an investment that takes care of you day in and out.

Fall and Spring are a great time to have your roof and gutters checked for any damage. With changing seasons, leaf foliage can wreak havoc on your roof....


Roof underlayment, also called a roof vapor barrier is the layer immediately underneath the topmost roof covering material and on top of the roof deck to add extra weather protection to the roof – here is why this intermediary layer is so important for the integrity and the durability of the roof:

- Most roof types consist of individual components fastened together tightly, but even so, moisture can accumulate underneath, causing serious damage to the deeper structures, including the wood components that hold up the roof – the underlayment prevents such damage by repelling the...


The roof on your home is important not only as the topmost layer of protection between the interior of the house and the elements, but also as a design element that can make or break the good looks of your house. When choosing your shingles, you should pay attention not only to practical factors, such as thickness, weight or warranty, but to the shape, the texture and the color as well – here are a few tips about how you can get the perfect hue:

- Think about the climate – the color of the roof affects the temperature inside...


Ventilation is the process of air penetrating a system through an intake and leaving the system through an outlet. Any roofer with experience in roofing San Antonio homes knows that proper ventilation is key to lengthening the life of your roof. Proper ventilation is essential for the health and longevity of most systems that make up a building, roofing included. Without air flowing properly through the roof, moisture starts to accumulate, leading to condense and many other problems – here are a few of the most important reasons why...


Roofs are as strong as their weakest points – here are the most common problem areas that need to be regularly inspected for damage:

- The fascia – the band made from wood or metal running right under the roof has the role of providing extra protection against water, but it is an area susceptible to water-related damage, such as rotting.

- The flashings – these components are usually made from aluminum, galvanized steel or rubberized material and they play the role of sealing and protecting areas where the roof cover is interrupted, such as around chimneys or...


Roof leaks can be tricky – in some cases they appear suddenly, without any prior notice, then they just go away without a trace or they leave no trace in the attic and the roof above seems perfectly intact. However, water needs a crack in the roof to seep through and cracks, even the thinnest ones, can be detected – here is how:

- Inspect the attic – go up there shortly after a rain and check for water stains or wet spots above the room where the ceiling is wet, but be very careful when you step on the attic floor, especially if the leak left a large wet patch.



One of the best investments you can make in your home is replacing your roof. A new roof will offer peace of mind, increase the value of your home, and offer years of protection against the elements.

As you prepare for your new roof system, there are a few things you can do to make sure the job gets done as smoothly as possible.

Choose the right contractor

Although hiring a contractor does not guarantee you're dealing with a professional, it can ensure you're at least dealing with someone in the community. Local connections, including the use of...


Roofs are the topmost layers of protection between the interior of the building and the elements, the layer that is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of the weather, so a building is only as strong as the roof on top of it. Even though we do not check our roofs every day to see how it is doing, there are numerous signs that tell you the roof needs some professional care and attention:

- Buckling or curling shingles – a problem that in most cases can be detected only during a careful inspection, but one that needs immediate action.

- Loose granules –...


Metal roofs are nowadays the preferred choice for residential buildings in any climate area, for any type of construction – here are a few arguments to convince you that metal is the perfect choice for your building as well:

- Varied designs and colors – metal roofing panels come in many colors, shapes and sizes, so you can easily find the design that adds the desired curb appeal to your building.

- Durability and longevity – metal is resistant to moisture, to corrosives and pests and it can withstand any weather, harsh sunshine, strong winds, heavy snow and rain...


Spring is the time when nature revives and also the time when homeowners go out to check whether the cold season has caused any damage to their property that needs repair. The roof being among the most exposed and most sensitive components of any building, it needs to be on your after-winter checklist of the maintenance operations that you do around the house – here are the most important things to do on your roof when the snow is gone:

- Cleaning – dust, twigs, branches, leaves accumulate on the roof and in the gutters over winter, so the first thing you need to take care of...


This year's exterior remodeling trends promote a relaxed and inexpensive design that combines romantic and functional elements.


Lighting can add brilliance and a romantic note to a garden. It can be used in many ways: in the form of lighting systems, garlands, or as suspended luminaries.

Relaxation and comfort

The transformation of gardens into relaxation areas is now a priority for designers and architects alike. The current trend is to design gardens that are as comfortable as possible and include dining areas. The...


When it comes to considering an asphalt roofing system for your home, you're in great company! Asphalt shingles are one of the top choices among homeowners and roofers alike. There are several reasons why this type of roofing system is so high in demand. When properly installed, an asphalt roof can bring your home years of dependability.

Here are a few more factors to consider when deciding on asphalt:


Among roofing options, asphalt shingles tend to be quite...


There are many reasons to install gutter screens on old and new homes; they are all related to better protection and less maintenance. In other words, if you do not want to spend time and money on cleaning your gutters two times per year, then you should install a type of gutter guard. It will prevent debris build up and blockages, which means that water will be safely directed away from your home. The existing gutters will last longer because there will be significantly less moisture to cause rust.

Sometimes, gutters become places for bird nests, but gutter screens will remove this...

IMG_5136 (1).jpg

Are you a property manager entrusted with maintaining several home or business properties? If so, you may be familiar with the many reasons to stay on top of roofing leaks and repairs. Best practice is to be proactive when it comes to roofing issues, especially as they pertain to your clients.

At CCR Roofing, we strive to give you peace of mind knowing your roof is in good hands. We use the latest technology including computerized estimation, and GPS measuring systems to help prepare comprehensive bids for our clients. Upon inspection, we provide a competitive estimate for...


The main purpose of Insulation is to improve the energy efficiency and the thermal comfort of your home. If your home is one of the homes with metal roofing San Antonio roofers have installed, you know the importance of having your attic insulated with the best insulation.

First, you must consider adding insulation to the walls, because about 40% of the heat is lost through them; roof insulation comes in second place, in order to prevent about 25% of heat loss. Before adding insulation, there are some things to consider:



When Texas weather rears it's ugly head you never know what you might be in for. As we enter Hurricane season it's important to become familiar with the signs of water damage. Leaks, wet spots and water rings are all signs of concern as far as your roof goes. Left unchecked these areas become a greater liability.

So what to do once your roof starts leaking? First things first, if you suspect damage, you need to focus on getting the area looked at and dried in. This is an important step because it prevents further damage to the area.

In the aftermath of heavy storm...


Concrete siding is so popular because it has many practical benefits.

First, it comes in many textures and designs, being able to mimic other materials (like wood, for example), but it is actually stronger and more durable than most of them. Concrete siding is fire and heat resistant, as well as immune to insects and pests. It is not damaged by humidity, impact or extreme weather conditions. Another pro is that it is energy efficient and can be combined with insulation and weather barriers.

It is a very good investment for your home, increasing its curb appeal and raising its...


Working at height means working in any place where, unless safety measures are taken, a person may fall, resulting injury or death. Falling from height is one of the biggest causes of accidents in the roofing business.

The three safety rules that must be applied for roofing employees are:

· avoiding work at height

· preventing falls

· reducing the effects of a fall

Avoiding to work on the roof might sound like a paradox for a roofing worker, but the reality is that there are many operations that can be accomplished (and it is recommended...


A metal roof is one of many roofing options that a homeowner can choose these days. But what makes a metal roof a better choice over other roofing materials? A metal roof makes a great option with minimal maintenance and upkeep, as well as being energy efficient.

If you're contemplating a new roof and materials, a metal roof makes a great option with plenty of perks:


Depending on the material used, a metal roof can last about 3-7 times longer than a typical asphalt shingle roof. For comparison, an asphalt shingle roof should be replaced...


Texas is one of the states that recovered very well after the recession and currently there is a lot of economic optimism in the air. Here are some of the most significant opportunities but also challenges related to the business and construction environment.


Business owners from Texas and especially those in the biggest metro areas, especially the great San Antonio roofing companies report satisfaction and healthy growth in terms business startups. That`s mostly because there are simplified state...


During an interview for a job in the roofing business, the questions should highlight the applicant's skills, abilities, interests and motivation to get that job. Some of the best questions are open, leaving room to test the candidate's level of creativity and communication, ask them about some of the previous roof repair San Antonio jobs they have completed, ask for details surrounding the job.

Before deciding which questions to ask, remember that a job interview is neither a monologue nor an informal meeting; it is a communication...


There are some specific qualities valued in people who work in the roofing business; they separate a very good worker from an average one. As an employer, it is important to recognize these qualities in job applicants, in order to choose good workers for your company.

· The ability to learn new skills, required in this business

The roofing industry is dynamic and workers must remain motivated to learn new things about materials, techniques and the use of new construction application. Knowing...


One of the most overwhelming decisions for a new homeowner is what to do about replacing a roof. The options seem endless especially when talking about materials alone. There are many decisions to make but it helps to have a knowledgeable roofing contractor on your side to discuss your options.

Here are a few things to know about roofing as it pertains to a new homeowner.


Take time to review the home inspection and become familiar with roofing terms. This is the time to do a little homework and research any problems that can arise in the future. Your...


The employment rate in Texas grew constantly, during the last years, due to the economy, which is doing well outperforming the economy in most other states, although specialists still consider that it continues on a rather modest track, comparing to the period before the recession in 2008. Sectors like business fixed investment, manufacturing or exports slowed down a bit lately and employment is currently at a modest pace, but other sectors are on the rise, gaining many jobs.

Professional services from San Antonio roofing companies...


We all know what a hail storm can sound like upon a roof. What most homeowners can fail to recognize is how hail damage can look upon your roof.

Depending on the type of roof you may have, hail damage can look different. In other words, not all hail damage is the same. The severity of a hail storm can impact the size and scope of damage to your roof.

Upon impact to your roof, hail can leave random damage with hits that may look dark or black in color. This is a direct result of loss of granules, which expose the roofing felt underneath. The roof may have soft...


Almost 75% of roofers work in the roofing contractors sector, which means that 1 in 5 is self-employed. Working as a roofer requires particular skills and physical strength, as it involves activities like climbing, lifting and kneeling. This job also demands good team working skills.

Before starting to work in the roofing sector, know that you will likely have a full-time schedule. However, in northern states, roofing work is on timeout during the winter, due to harsh weather conditions that make some specific operations impossible.

If you want to become...


Buckle up Texas! Summer is just around the corner, and if you're in the market for a new roof, it pays to make the switch to a cool roof. In combination with proper roof ventilation, a cool roof can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home or building.

In any given attic, summer temperatures can reach upward close to 150 degrees. It really is no wonder that your air conditioning system has to work harder and longer to keep your home comfortable during our hot Texas summers.

So what options do you have when it comes to colors and styles for a cool roof?...


It is well-known that the construction industry is facing a major shortage when it comes to qualified labor, and the roofing sector makes no exception, especially at the peak of roofing season.

Companies are on a constant look for good workers and many of them found useful to develop partnerships with colleges and military pipelines, creating roofing academy programs for students or veterans who want a career in the roofing sector. These projects are very successful, especially that they are providing initial training for basic skills, which means that workers will have a good base...


There is no secret that a roof replacement requires a big investment, according to the nature and the size of the project. This is why some homeowners might consider replacing the roof on their own, in order to save some money.

However, this is a viable alternative only for those with some knowledge and skills in roofing, otherwise, a project like this is very risky; you can end up doing more damage than repair, not to mention that you may get injured, without proper equipment and security measures. With all that is involved though, it is sometimes...


A reputable insurance company is a guarantee that your policy will be respected and that you will receive appropriate coverage, when you need it. But how can you know if you have a good insurer after all? Does a strong brand make a real difference? Is it safe to choose your insurer based on price? What other considerations are in order? You can always look to a superb roofing company like CCR Roofing to get their thoughts and what insurance companies work well with them.

So many questions that definitely require some answers!

First, yes,...


Extreme weather may damage your house and your roof. Clearly, nobody wants to think about the worst scenario, but we should still learn how to deal with such emergency situations.

Having insurance is essential, but make sure to check if the policy also covers your roof. Generally, the roof is included in the coverage, but if it is out of warranty, it may not be fully covered.

If your roof gets damaged, know that you should fill the insurance claim as soon as possible, after the damaging event. The roof must be inspected immediately, preferably by a...


The world is changing constantly and at an astonishing speed. Who would have believed, 10 years ago, that today we will have this level of access to information via our smart phones and tablets? These changes will become even more dramatic with the technological advance and are expected to keep changing our way of life.

The construction industry in Texas will keep up with these technological advances, and current trends will be developed in the next decade. They include:

· The growth of some specific sectors within the construction industry: office, warehouse, retail,...


When the time comes to replace your roof, choosing a new shingle color can make a big impact! Picking a new shingle is very much like picking interior paint. Ultimately, you want the color to complement existing decor. The color of your roof can have a huge impact on your home’s appearance. The perfect shingle color will complement your home and make a great first impression. It can immediately enhance your home's curb appeal and may even help with resale value when it comes time to sell. Making an informed choice ensures you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Here are a...


Winter in San Antonio is magical and has a lot to offer. Though the peak of the tourist season in Texas is the summer, visitors and locals can choose from lots of different activities in the colder period as well – here are some of the most exciting things to do in San Antonio in winter:

- A visit to the Six Flags Fiesta Texas – the 200-acre theme park entertains visitors with the most amazing roller coasters and live shows all year around, but only in winter can visitors meet Santa Claus and enjoy the millions of lights twinkling cheerfully, creating a special atmosphere....


A public adjuster is a professional involved in the insurance claim process and they usually will work well with a local roofer San Antonio TX area to calculate a fair cost of repair. There are several types of claims adjusters: a company adjuster (who is an employee of the insurance company), an independent adjuster (paid by an insurance company to handle claims) and the public adjuster (who works for the person who makes the claim and owns the policy).

Hiring a public insurance adjuster is an option if you feel that the way your...


So you’re starting a new construction project, and you need a few extra hands. Whether short term or long term, hiring a new construction employee is a tough decision, and you need to make sure the candidates you are considering are worth the effort:

First you’ll need a detailed overview of the project you want help with. Is it a complex project, or do you need just a few basic repairs done, for instance to hire roofers to do roof repair San Antonio area? Make sure you have all your details written down.

Use the list to...


San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas and a place appreciated for its laid-back and inviting vibe. The city meets and exceeds all expectations – whether you are looking for a family-friendly district where you can raise your kids in safety or you are looking for a district where you can enjoy the nightlife, you will love to live in San Antonio. Here are the most popular suburbs to live in:

- Boerne – a charming old district in the Texas Hills, but close to the highway. The suburban feel is paired with excellent amenities, the town has great shops, fine...


To repair or replace that is the question. A roof isn't something most homeowners contemplate until there is a significant problem. Roofing leaks often go unnoticed until they become a problem that just cannot be ignored.

So what are the warning signs when it comes to roof repair? Should you go all in for a new roof or just repair it? Let's take a look at some signs to determine what your best strategy is going forward.

How old is your roof?

Knowing the life span of your roof can help you make an informed decision when it comes time to replace it. Is your roof...


The holidays are upon us and that means twinkling lights and Christmas decorations. Your roof and yard are a blank canvas to create holiday cheer! With a plan in mind and tools at the ready your house will be shining for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. If you plan on decorating with exterior lights here are some helpful holiday tips to help inspire you.

Start with your porch

Your porch is an excellent place to start decorating. Easily accessible and sheltered, it makes for a cozy spot to showcase those decorations. Greenery...


San Antonio is one of the largest cities in the southern part of the United States, a city with a very rich historical and cultural background and also the center of an area characterized by dynamic economic development. San Antonio’s real estate market is also in continuous growth, making investment into local property a great decision – if you are interested in buying a home or purchasing real estate to rent it, here are the best neighborhoods in the city:

- Alamo Heights – a safe and family-friendly neighborhood with excellent schools and beautiful old buildings. Real...


Roofing inspections are just as precarious and time-consuming as you might imagine. Inspectors and roofers alike must go to great lengths to scale and climb on top of a building. Needless to say, roofing professionals must be attentive and through in order to obtain the proper documentation for an insurance claim. Often, the scope and scale of the roof itself present a challenge in looking for leaks and repairs.

Drones are fortunately making roofing inspections safer and more practical for everyone. This incredible technology is being used across the board in various...


San Antonio and the suburbs nearby are well-known for their excellent schools in the public sector just as much as in the private sector. The San Antonio Independent School District incorporates over 90 schools, many of them top-rated. If your child will start school soon and you are looking for an elementary school where your kid can learn in a playful and efficient way or your child is older and you are currently in search for the best high school, here are a few ideas that can help you make the best choice:

- Check the curriculum and the profiles of the educators – you can...

unnamed (1).jpg

We continue our roofing terminology to help you increase your roofing vocabulary and improve your knowledge of common roofing terms. Knowing these terms can help you confidently understand the scope of work being performed in your home or commercial property.


Fascia is the vertical edge usually found along the area where the gutter connects to the roof. It acts as a finishing layer and is meant to complement the roof line. Beyond looks, fascia is essential in maintaining a watertight barrier along the roof edge.



As a homeowner, understanding terminology as pertaining to your roof is very important. Knowing what is being presented to you on your contract and roofing estimate can make all the difference. Before you set out to have your roof repaired or replaced, check out a few common roof terms.


Venting - Proper attic ventilation is essential when it comes to roofing. When installed correctly, vents reduce moisture and heat build up in your attic. Having the air in and around your roof circulating properly can prevent costly repairs later.

Valley - A...

energy efficient roofing.jpg

Did you know your roof is your first and best line of defense when it comes to controlling your energy costs? Americans spend about $40 billion annually to air condition our homes and buildings. An energy-efficient roof not only protects you from the harsh elements, but can markedly make a difference in your energy costs. And here in South Texas we'll take any help we can get!

Fortunately, energy efficient roofs are not a trend and are here to stay. These roofing materials are made to withstand the onslaught of ultraviolet rays...


For anyone interested in high quality commercial roofing, pinpointing the best commercial roofing products is completely essential. While it’s hard to actually talk about a single roofing system that can fit the profile, the following options should give you a better outlook at what’s available on the market today:

Thermoplastic roofing, also known as TPO, offers high temperature resistance and a uniquely high ability to resist UV light. They are rated at an average life span of roughly 20 years, and they’re considered among the commercial roofing products that are fastest...


Hiring a new roofer can be stressful. You already have the burden of dealing with a leaky or compromised roof, hiring a roofer should come easy. Unfortunately it can add to your ordeal if you fail to look into who's actually on top of your roof doing the work. Here are a few tips before you sign a contract to hire your next roofer.

Go Local

Although hiring a contractor does not guarantee you're dealing with a professional, it can ensure you're at least dealing with someone in the community. Local connections, including use of social media, come with the...


Whether you want to replace your siding or install upgrades throughout your home, finding a reliable contractor is not an easy task. If you look at the Yellow Pages in your local area you’ll find a lot of contractors dealing with building, renovation and repairs, but very little indication as to which one of them might be more efficient or trustworthy.

One easy way to find out who to hire is to do a simple background check online. The best contractors will be active on social media, and they’ll likely have hundreds of positive reviews and almost zero complaints. Also, once you call...


Keeping your roof in pristine condition is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a homeowner. Nothing else takes up as much real space and coverage except your foundation. Your roof is one of the most important investments you have when it comes to home ownership.

What can you expect

So what can you expect when you have your roof inspected? Much like calling a doctor, most homeowners aren't keen on getting up close and personal with their roof. This is where a licensed and bonded roofing professional can lend their expertise.



Recent news shows that San Antonio construction companies continue to keep themselves busy with multiple tech-oriented projects aimed at improving the quality of living in several areas, but most especially in downtown San Antonio.

Companies that orient themselves to use the most advanced building tools and the latest methods, as well as to build the most advanced upgrades for roofing systems, doors, windows and various other areas of the home, are currently in the process of revamping multiple downtown buildings that were purchased at the end of last year. You will see that...


A homeowner today has an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to roofing their home. Among options, a metal roof is an excellent choice. No longer is metal exclusive to commercial properties, metal is a great choice for residential homes alike.

One of the main benefits of metal lies in it's durability. When properly installed, a metal roof can last as long as the home itself. Properties of metal ensure that water, snow and high winds are no match for it's strength. In addition, metal is resistant to fire, mildew and rot.

Typical installation time for...


CCR Roofing is now proud to offer financing options to our valued customers. This is a great way to help spread out the payments of your new roof over time. Aside from adding curb appeal, replacing a roof is one of those things that sometimes can't wait. The very structure of your home can be on the line if your roof becomes compromised. This is true in the event your roof had unexpected storm damages due to hail or wind. If you need to replace your roof and don't have the money up front, you may consider financing as an option.

A less than perfect credit score should not...


Not all damage after a storm is as obvious as what we are seeing in the areas hard hit from Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, most insurance policies cover storm damages including hail, tornado and wind damage. Wind alone can cause severe damage including missing shingles, fascia and granule loss. Often due to this, insurance will pay for repairs or for the complete replacement of your roof.

Even in the absence of a major hurricane, a thunderstorm will most likely have straight line winds that come with it. In fact, wind damage from a thunderstorm is much more common than damage...


Hurricane Harvey was a storm like none other. Spanning an area over the Coastal and South Texas region and into Louisiana, it unleashed catastrophic rain, winds, and flooding the likes most Texans have never seen. As the storm moved on, the rain began to settle in, causing even more damage. Rainfall totals were as much as 50 inches in some areas. With so much devastation it’s impossible to grapple with the damages and immediate consequences of such a storm.

We know first hand the challenges that are faced when dealing with a storm of this magnitude. We’ve been in the Corpus...