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    Can Roofers in San Antonio Repair Old Wood Shake Roofs? -


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    Wood shake roofing is extremely popular in some parts of the country. In San Antonio it’s somewhat rare due to the fact that roofing systems made of wood don’t adapt too well to the local climate. Nevertheless, San Antonio roofing specialists are still able to help you out if you have an old wood shake roof and you need to have it repaired.

    The main goal when it comes to wooden roofs is to ensure that they are as invulnerable to humidity, pests and fire as possible. These three threats can often destroy your roof completely, whether over time, or in just a few short hours.

    With the help of a dedicated roofer in San Antonio, homeowners can ensure that any damage to their wood shake roof is dealt with immediately. Damaged shakes are replaced quickly, the roof is inspected for additional damage – such as structural problems linked to the internal elements of the roof – and maintenance tasks are established to ensure that the roof can live for as long as possible without further intervention.

    San Antonio roofers will only give up on your old roof when there is truly nothing left to be done and you need to get it replaced. Even at that point, they can usually recommend some great solutions for having your roof replaced with a brand new one that will be far more robust. For San Antonio roofing ideas, go to the professionals at