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    Squirrels are certainly cute and they can keep you entertained for hours, but they can also become a nuisance, especially if they decide to use their sharp teeth and claws to scratch on your rooftop to find shelter in your attic – as seen by some of the Austin roofing contractors here are the types of damage they can cause:

    – Chewing – squirrels can gnaw at anything, including the shingles on the roof, the wooden layer of the roof, even lead sheathing, vent pipes and attic insulation, causing roof leaks and exposing your home to the elements. They are also known to love wires and cables – if they find electrical wiring or phone cables, they chew off the insulation, which increases the risk of house fires;

    – Excrement – squirrels drop their urine and excrement wherever they go, leaving behind stains and pungent smell that are not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for your health and can cause the contaminated components of your home to rot;

    – Gutter damage – squirrels love to gather nuts, acorns and other delicacies. If the path towards their home runs on your roof and they carry too much of their goodies at a time, they might drop their food on the roof, which rolls down and accumulates in the gutter pipes, forming clogs.

    Source: Live Site