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    Is Your Roof Attracting Cold and Heat?

    The roof is the component of any building envelope that is in the most direct contact with the elements – the topmost surface on the building takes all the beating from nature’s forces, being directly exposed to harsh sunshine, heavy rain, snow and wind. Roofing...

    The Best Time for A Roof Replacement

    Roofing work, especially projects like roof replacement, that involve the temporary exposure of the building interior to the elements, is best done when the weather is dry and warm, but not too hot. Here are some more tips about how to pick the best time for your...

    How Your Roof Affects Your Utility Bill Living In San Antonio?

    One of the factors that influence the interior comfort of a house is the air transfer. The air circulates through windows, doors, walls, floor and roof; if the building is not insulated properly, it will be more difficult to keep the heat in during the winter and out...

    What to Expect during the Winter Months in San Antonio

    Winter is a great season for people who visit San Antonio, because weather is comfortable, less humid, there are no hordes of visiting tourists and families like in the summer, when kids are on their break, and hotel rates are also lower. Besides, winter is also a...

    Why Is Metal Roofing the Very Best Solution for Homeowners?

    Most people are unaware about the many advantages of metal roofing, and that can be surprising at times, especially since many of these advantages become quite obvious once you have your first metal roof installed.   Metal roofing is probably the best choice for...