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    Storms cause damage to crops and buildings. When it comes to buildings, roof damage is the most common, followed by damage to other breakable elements (windows, siding, deck…); on the other hand, crops may be entirely or partly affected by storms on considerably large surfaces.

    Storm damage has increased in severity in recent years, which shows that these weather phenomena become more aggressive, as a consequence of the global warming. In this context, more and more people are interested to have an insurance policy that protects them against storm damage.

    However, storm damage claims can be tricky, because some policies go into very small detail about the type of the covered damage. There are also some common myths about this subject that you should know about.

    1. You can file a storm damage claim within one year

    This is not true. Although some insurance companies offer extended filling dates, the timeline for a claim is different for each company and depends on factors like the geographical location of the damaged property and the nature of the storm.

    2. If your roof is still under warranty, there is no need to file a claim

    Again, this is not true, especially if the storm was accompanied by hail; most roof manufacturers and an AustinTX roofer warranty their work, but do not cover hail damage.

    3. If your insurer denies your claim, there is nothing you can do

    Actually, you can do more than one thing: you are entitled to ask for a second inspection, if you believe there have been miscalculations by the adjuster. Alternatively, you can hire a public adjuster who will work for you, not for your insurance company.