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    When it comes to repairs and protecting your home, it’s what’s on top that counts the most. Because of this, there is a lot of inaccurate information surrounding roof repairs and replacement.

    Here we discuss and dispel a few myths about roofing:

    1. You don’t need to replace each missing shingle.

    Every shingle counts! They are all in collaboration with other shingles upon your roof. When one is compromised or missing, it can create a weak spot and can lay bare the underlayment and wood beneath. Moisture in any form will eventually find it’s way below and can cause significant damage.

    2. All shingles are created equal.

    Advances in materials and technology have given rise to many new options in asphalt shingles. Among these differences, durability, and looks often come into play. Some shingles come rated for wind resistance (up to 110 mph!) and carry warranties made to last. Others are made to resemble slate or wooden shake shingles. When it comes to shingles, there are big differences when it comes to curb appeal and home upgrades.

    3. Metal roofs can attract lightning.

    Metal roofing is perfectly safe in the eye of a storm. It does not attract any more lighting than any other building that may surround it. Because metal is naturally inflammable, it also means that in the event of a rare lightning strike your home will be safe and sound. It also offers benefits in that it can reflect solar radiant heat. This means reduced cooling costs in the hotter Texas months. In short, a metal roof is a safe and offers many benefits.

    4. I can fix my roof DIY style.

    While you may be able to inspect and identify some common roofing issues, it may not always work in your favor. Roofing professionals have years of know-how and can often identify issues that may not be obvious to the typical homeowner. Roofing requires the proper equipment, tools, and expertise in order to fix the problem correctly and efficiently the first time.

    It’s important to learn about myths associated with roofing to be able to select the right roof for your home. Consulting with us at CCR Roofing can have huge payoffs when it comes to your roof! We are trained and equipped to tackle any roofing problem you may have. Contact us today to set up your free inspection!

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