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    Unfortunately, in every industry there are people using various tactics to scam you; the roofing industry is no exception, especially when you are in a delicate situation, for example after a severe storm, with a leaky roof above your head. Anyone who is dealing with such an issue would do anything to have their problem fixed ASAP, which is exactly why roofing scams artists are sometimes successful.

    The key to avoid them is to be informed and to take your time to search for a reliable contractor, no matter how desperate you are.

    For those who know where to look, roofing scams can be quite predictable and most of them follow the same tricks.

    First of all, stay away from the so-called storm chasers. They drive through regions affected by storms and knock on people`s doors, offering their services for what seems to be like a very good price. But make no mistake: reliable and reputable roofing companies San Antonio do not solicit; they do not go door-to-door. Besides, a price that seems too good to be true should raise a red flag in your mind.

    There are also so-called roofers that pretend to have spotted signs of roof damage when passing by your home and ask you to let them take a closer look. Do not allow access to strangers on your property, as they may create damage that was never actually there, just to take your money.