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    Common Roofing Terms - Part 1 -


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    As a homeowner, understanding terminology as pertaining to your roof is very important. Knowing what is being presented to you on your contract and roofing estimate can make all the difference. Before you set out to have your roof repaired or replaced, check out a few common roof terms.

    Venting – Proper attic ventilation is essential when it comes to roofing. When installed correctly, vents reduce moisture and heat build up in your attic. Having the air in and around your roof circulating properly can prevent costly repairs later.

    Valley – A valley on a roof is extremely common. These areas occur when two areas of the roof meet at an angle. This area consequently is an area where roof leaks are most often reported. Water can gather in these areas and trapped water will eventually cause leaks.

    Flashing – Water damage to your roof can take on many forms. Water on a roof can pool in between skylights, chimneys and roof valleys. These areas are prone to further damage in terms of leaks and moisture. Flashing usually comes in aluminum or galvanized steel sheets. It adds an extra barrier to safeguard against moisture in these vulnerable joints on your roof.

    Shingles – Shingles come in all types and varieties. The most common shingle is the Asphalt shingle. Asphalt shingles offer protection against the harshest of elements. They are an effective standby when it comes to choosing material for your roof. In addition, they are inexpensive, easy to install and get the job done.

    Underlayment – In between your roof shingles and wood decking is another layer of protection called underlayment. This additional barrier is added to combat against moisture and water. These are areas that may be vulnerable to exposure and can found in between the seams of your roof. There are many types of underlayment including but not limited to; organic, fiberglass and synthetic options. The right underlayment will add years of life to your roof and investment.

    We will be bringing you more roofing terms as they apply to you as a homeowner in the next post.

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