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    Common Roofing Terms - Part 2 -


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    We continue our roofing terminology to help you increase your roofing vocabulary and improve your knowledge of common roofing terms. Knowing these terms can help you confidently understand the scope of work being performed in your home or commercial property.


    Fascia is the vertical edge usually found along the area where the gutter connects to the roof. It acts as a finishing layer and is meant to complement the roof line. Beyond looks, fascia is essential in maintaining a watertight barrier along the roof edge.

    Drip Edge

    Drip edge is usually found along the bottom of the roof edge or along the eaves. The purpose of drip edge is to keep water from accumulating underneath your roof shingles. When installed correctly, it diverts water into the gutter and away from the wood rafters along the roof line.


    The soffit is the material found underneath the overhang of a roof. Often it can contain holes or vents and is meant to ventilate your attic. Frequently it is made out of aluminum or vinyl.

    Ice and Water Barrier

    Ice and water barrier is a waterproof underlay that adheres to your roof deck. As its name implies, it is a barrier. It is used as an additional protection to prevent water from gathering underneath your shingles.


    The roof deck is essentially the bones of a roof. This is where you will find the structural support for the overall roof system. The deck must hold the weight of the roof. It is essential that the roof deck be installed by a professional to avoid potential danger from an improper build.

    Being familiar with these terms can only help when it comes time to repair or replace your roof system. You’ll be better equipped to understand the repair process. Our best tip is to give us a call for all your roofing needs! We are committed to service and our professionals have years of roofing experience. Give us a call today to discuss your next roofing project!

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