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    The roof for a house is like a haircut for a person: it gives it character as great roofers in Austin Texas will tell you. This is why you should spend some time considering how you want your roof to look when you are discussing design plans with an architect.

    To help you find inspiration, here are some popular roofing styles to choose from:

    1. The Gable Roof

    This design is also known as a peaked roof and it is one of the most popular models in the US. The simple, clean triangular shape makes it stand out and make your house look a little bit taller than it is.

    Gable roofs are ideal for areas with lots of rain and snow, because they will slide smoothly down the steep slopes to the ground.

    2. The Mansard Roof

    Mansard roofs (or French roofs) have four sides and double slopes on each side to accommodate an attic. They are usually provided with windows on the side and help you gain useful living space if you have a small house. As far as styling goes, you can opt for a mansard roof with flat sides or with curved sides.

    The Flat Roof

    Simple and easy to install and maintain, the flat roof is not perfectly flat – it has a small incline to allow rain water to drain. It is an ideal roof for a sunny climate with little rain or snow (which may pool on the roof and damage it). Flat roofs are a great extension to your living space, as you can arrange a terrace above your house.