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    If it is time to do some repair work on your roof, you have basically two choices: you can either hire a professional roofer to carry out the repair for you or you can handle the repair on your own. While many experts advise against amateur roof repairs, you can safely undertake smaller repairs that do not require any special tools or complicated procedures, provided that you observe certain very important rules. Here are some DIY roofing do’s and don’ts:

    Wear safety gear – roofing repair is dangerous work, so while you are at it, make sure to wear comfortable, non-slip work boots, work clothes that allow you to move, but are not too loose, a helmet, safety harnesses and work gloves;

    Make sure that your ladder and your tools are safe – check every part of your ladder, ensure that the ground it is placed on is hard and even and anchor the top of the ladder properly to the roof edge. Check all your other tools, too and use only devices in perfect condition;

    Never work alone – ask someone to supervise your work from the ground and to help you with tools and materials while you are on the roof;

    Never attempt any roof repair that is beyond your knowledge or your abilities instead call roofers in Austin with experience.