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    Some roofing materials, such as clay and metal, are impervious to pests – the hard materials cannot be chewed and their surface is slippery, which makes them unsuitable for laying nests –, while other roof types are attractive for rodents, birds and other pests as the roofers in San Antonio will inform you. Her are the roof types that need more protection from pests:

    • Green roofs – these roofs are usually surfaces that are covered in thick vegetation, just perfect for birds to build nests and for insects to thrive. While the presence of certain insects is essential for maintaining the vegetation on the roof strong and green, other pests, such as termites and wasps, are very harmful for the roof covering material as well as for the support structure that is, in most cases, made from wood, so they need to be repelled to preserve the health of the roof;
    • Wooden roofs – untreated wood is very inviting to rodents, birds, insects, even for bats. However, the problems caused by pest invasions is easy to prevent – there are lots of great coatings products available that repel pests and protect the wood against the harmful effects of harsh weather, such as excessive rain and snow as well. To ensure long-lasting protection, make sure to reapply the coating every couple of years.