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    Do Certain Types of Roofing Materials Attract Pests? -


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    Pests are a very common nuisance – almost all geographic regions and almost all roofing materials are affected by pest attacks. Certain types of roofs are more attractive to pests to others – here are the materials that are more likely to give home to insects and rodents:

    – Vegetation-covered green roofs – these roof types consist of a special ecosystem, complete with plants and critters as well. While certain insects are necessary for the health of your green roof, it is very important to keep the size of insect populations at bay and to repel the species that can be dangerous for your households, such as termites and wasps;

    – Wood roofs – if not treated and maintained properly, this type of roofing also attracts pests more than others. Natural wood is great food for termites, so if you have wood shingles on your roof, make sure you inspect the roofing regularly and you apply a coating to protect it against termites.

    While most other roof types, including asphalt shingles, clay tiles and metal roofing San Antonio roofers say are not very attractive to pests, the attic areas underneath any sloping roof can be a great home for pests, so make sure you regularly inspect these areas for rodents, wasps and other critters.