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    Roof cleaning is actually one of the most important maintenance operations. The dirt, moss and algae that tend to accumulate on roof surfaces are not only unsightly – they also trap moisture and serve as breeding grounds for insects and other pests, so any accumulation of impurities endangers the integrity of your roof and reduces its longevity.

    Moss, algae, mildew and fungus tend to grow in moist environments and in shaded areas – the dirt and other debris carried by the wind, such as twigs and dry leaves accumulate on the surface of the roof, then they absorb water, creating a favorable environment for the appearance of the above issues. Moss, fungus, algae, rot and mildew all tend to spread if they are left alone and the moisture that they keep inside start eating away at the roof very quickly.

    Most roofs can be efficiently cleaned with a mixture of one-part water and one-part bleach, sprayed over the entire surface of the roof, then rinsed with clean water. However, if the infestation is very stubborn or it has already started eroding the deeper layers of the roof, it is recommended to call one of the local roofing companies San Antonio has and have a professional roofer who has the right type of power tools and knows how to use the right type of chemicals to make sure your roof is completely clean.

    Source: Live Site