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    Having home insurance is a legal necessity if you are a home owner.  However, many people are not aware of the scope of its coverage, so it is not always clear for them whether it pays for roof replacement.

    Well, the good news is that most home insurance policies provide coverage for roof replacement, when the damage is caused by extreme weather phenomena. However, naturally, there are some limitations.

    Insurance companies take into account the age of the roof and most of them will pay only if it is not too old. If your roof is less than 20 years old, you have the best chance to get the coverage you need. You can also expect that, in some cases, your insurer pays a reduced amount of money for your roof replacement because your roof’s worth is not so high anymore, based on its age.

    Other limitations are related to lack of adequate roof maintenance, which is considered negligence. The maintenance of the roof is in the charge of the building owner and it must be performed by at regular intervals, by a licensed roofing company like CCR Roofing in San Antonio. Male sure to keep all the inspection reports, documents certifying the performance of maintenance operations, as well as repair receipts; they will prove to be valuable when you need to benefit from your insurance policy.