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    The short answer is yes, definitely. Here are some more things to convince the roofer you hire for your roofing project is as important as the roofing materials you choose or your roof design:

    Work quality – not all roofers specialize in the same roof types or have experience with the same materials, which also means that you need a professional who is an expert in executing exactly the type of project that you have in mind;

    Warranties – a good roofer such as CCR Roofing offers warranty not only on the roofing materials used, but on the labor as well and that warranty is absolutely essential for your peace of mind;

    Completion within the agreed timeframe – you need a roofer that provides not only work of the highest quality, but also one that respects all the terms of the contract, including the deadline;

    Smooth completion – you probably want to reduce the disruption caused by the roofing project and only a good roofer will make sure that your roofing project is handled in a professional manner, without burdening you with every minor issue;

    A reliable expert to turn to later –roofing tasks don’t end with installation – your roof will need to be regularly maintained and small repairs will also be necessary eventually. A good roofer is keen on maintaining existing clients, so that is exactly what you need.