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    Eco-Friendly Home Roofing Exterior Sunflower

    In the field of green housing construction, manufacturers came up with several products, efficient and versatile enough to be considered seriously. Thus, when it comes to the roofing Austin area options, there are different ecological options available on the market, each being unique and having its own advantages. The choice of the right solution is conditioned by circumstances and preferences.

    Metal roofs

    Metal is a popular type of ecological roofing material, which can be recycled in a very large proportion. A metal roof has reflective properties, which translates into maintaining a cooler indoor environment in the summer and reducing energy costs related to air conditioning.

    Wooden shingles, ceramic tiles and slate

    All these are natural materials, with all the related qualities, durable and 100% safe for the inhabitants of the buildings they cover, as well as for the environment.

    Solar roofs

    Solar panels or shingles are the newest eco-friendly roofing options. Although the initial investment is quite significant, the owners will save considerably in the long-run due to reducing the electricity bills. This is explained by the fact that a solar roof, instead of reflecting the sun’s rays, absorbs them and transforms them into usable and free electricity.

    Living roofs

    A truly unique eco-friendly roofing option is the living roof, also known as green roof. Instead of tiles or shingles, this type of roofing turns the upper part of the house into a garden, helping to improve the air quality in the area, reducing the greenhouse effect and creating ecosystems for insects and birds.