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    When Texas weather rears it’s ugly head you never know what you might be in for. As we enter Hurricane season it’s important to become familiar with the signs of water damage. Leaks, wet spots and water rings are all signs of concern as far as your roof goes. Left unchecked these areas become a greater liability.

    So what to do once your roof starts leaking? First things first, if you suspect damage, you need to focus on getting the area looked at and dried in. This is an important step because it prevents further damage to the area.

    In the aftermath of heavy storm damage, our temporary repair service can be beneficial to you. We utilize emergency tarps in damaged and compromised areas on your roof to prevent further damage. An emergency roof tarp will prevent water from further entering your home. We begin by installing the tarp and then carefully document any and all damages we encounter. This will all benefit you later when it comes time to meet with your insurance adjuster.

    A properly placed tarp can make all the difference when it comes to storm damage. Fortunately, the cost to tarp a roof is most often covered under your homeowners insurance policy. It’s important to take action immediately as soon as you notice the damage.

    To help prevent further damage to your home, contact us today for quick roof repairs or an emergency tarp. We know that you depend on your roof to protect your home and everything within it. Call us today to request your free on-site consultation and estimate!

    Source: Live Site