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    Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors considered by builders and building owners when they choose the material and the design of the roof on their building, a feature that will determine upfront material and installation costs as well as long-term ownership costs. Energy-efficient roofing might be a bit more expensive than roofs that form a less efficient barrier between the building interior and the outdoor environment, but on the long term, they do a better job at protecting your budget as well as nature. Here are some of the most important trends in energy-efficient roofing:

    • Light roof colors – the lighter the color of your roof, the more heat it will reflect and the less heat it will absorb. While cream-colored, white, yellow and pastel roofs used to be popular only in hot climate areas, today the trend of using light hues is spreading in all climate areas;
    • Green roofs – these modern roofing solutions use surfaces covered in vegetation, such as grass and other plants resistant to direct exposure to the sun. Green roofs are covered in soil, compost and plants and they use special irrigation and drainage solutions to ensure the right conditions for the vegetation to thrive;
    • Special roof coatings – these products are applied in ways similar to applying paint and they form a UV-resistant on the roof surface, improving the roof’s capacities to reflect heat.

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