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    Most Austin roofing companies work regularly with a variety of different roofing materials, whether they mostly handle residential or commercial roofing jobs. Regardless of the circumstances, it can definitely pay off to know exactly what the main differences between various roofing materials actually are. That will help you know how much you should expect to spend on repairs, as well as what a roof replacement job should entail when you replace your old roof with a similar one or an entirely new one.

    Durability is a key factor in all of this. Some Austin roofing materials are far more durable than others. Slate and concrete can last over 100 years with the proper maintenance, while asphalt or architectural shingles will rarely last for more than about 1/5th of that.

    Each material also withstands certain stressors and challenges better than others. Metal and concrete can be great against fires and storms, while wood deals well with keeping things warm, but can be flammable and vulnerable in the face of mold and insects. Asphalt shingles are practical if you’re on a budget, but they can require a lot of repairs, and they’re not as resilient as metal or concrete.

    Choosing the right material requires some forethought. If you’re not yet sure what to choose for your brand new roof, consider contacting CCR Roofing Austin – one of the top roofing companies in Austin and the surrounding areas – and they will guide you on how to make an informed decision.