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    Essential Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring Them for Your Roofing Project -


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    essential questions for roofing companies

    When you find a new roofer to help you with your roofing project, it’s very important to make sure that you ask them the right questions. Working with a new roofing expert can be difficult, especially if your first project is something ambitious, such as re-roofing a large house.


    First, make sure you get some background information about their business. Ask about their experience with the type of roof that you have, and inquire about how long they’ve been in the industry. Also, you can ask about any new upgrades they might recommend. It’ll be easy to check the facts by looking up what other roofers have to say and offer.


    It’s also good practice to inquire whether they are licensed, insured and bonded, and to ask about how much they want upfront. A respectable roofing companies San Antonio area will not ask for more than 10-15%.


    Finally, it’s a good idea to ask for a roof inspection and a written estimate. Many less experienced or less honest roofers might want to just tell you how much they estimate the project might cost. However, to avoid any nasty surprises, it’s usually best to ask for that information to be written down, so you can refer to it later on, if the roofer asks for a substantial addition to your initially agreed upon payment.