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    Essential Roofing Maintenance Details: Are Your Trees Too Close to Your Roof? -


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    Roof maintenance is an important problem that is often not given the level of attention that it deserves. Your roof is an integral part of your home as the San Antonio roofing experts will tell you, and if you fail to take proper care of it, not only the roofing structure will have to suffer, but your entire house.

    Even though tall trees are a beautiful addition to almost any garden, smaller homes in particular can suffer as a result of the trees’ close proximity. The problem is that the trees are constantly growing, and their fragile branches and leaves are easily influenced by the elements. Branches can be broken by strong winds and hail, and leaves can be blown by the wind into the gutter system, clogging it and leading to water damage.

    If your trees are too close to your home, there are a few useful actions you can consider. It’s possible to avoid the issue entirely by cutting off the branches on the side of the tree that’s closest to your home. You can also try using a leaf blower to get rid of leaves before they end up on your roof or in your gutters.

    Finally, trees can also be removed from the premises or moved. Depending on how large the roots are and how deep they go, you might be able to get your tree moved to another location with the help of a few landscaping professionals and experts who can check for underground utilities before you start digging.

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