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    Getting on your roof can seem safe and straightforward, especially if your home only has one level, and the roof’s slope isn’t that dangerous. However, the danger of slipping on a loose shingle or of losing your balance on the ladder while climbing is always present. As a result, the trained San Antonio roofing experts never fail to emphasize that it’s important to aim for safety first and foremost, and to avoid any unnecessary risks.

    The first thing you’ll need is a sturdy metal ladder that can support your weight easily and that features advanced additions such as ladder stabilizers and anti-slip devices. The ladder should also be adjustable and easy to set up, so you can use it at short notice and adjust it to the height of your roof without any risk of losing balance.

    The next item on the menu is a strong harness. The harness should be worn at all times when you plan on climbing on top of your roof, and should be supported by a sturdy area, so that if you happen to slip on the ladder, you won’t fall and injure yourself.

    Before considering climbing on top of your roof, it’s also important to check the weather and check to see if your roof has dried after the last time it rained. Make sure you never climb on to the top of your roof if it’s not completely dry.