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    This year’s exterior remodeling trends promote a relaxed and inexpensive design that combines romantic and functional elements.


    Lighting can add brilliance and a romantic note to a garden. It can be used in many ways: in the form of lighting systems, garlands, or as suspended luminaries.

    Relaxation and comfort

    The transformation of gardens into relaxation areas is now a priority for designers and architects alike. The current trend is to design gardens that are as comfortable as possible and include dining areas. The benches are decorated with fabrics in bright, contrasting colors and comfortable mattresses. Decorative cushions are now a must have not just inside the house, but also outdoors; they are used for their aesthetic purpose, to decorate garden benches and chairs, as well as for their functionality, providing comfort. An explosion of colors and prints will surely highlight any garden.

    Natural decorations

    This year, climbing plants are back in fashion, although the roofing San Antonio folks say you should keep them from getting to the roof of your home. They can aesthetically invade any garden and are perfect to mask certain surfaces, as well as to visually transform a dull building exterior into a beautiful foliage that may even erupt in blossom, if you choose adequate plants.

    Ivy, honeysuckle and clematis are just a few examples of climbing plants that will delight your senses.

    Source: Live Site