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    Although you can choose to install a quality roof above your head and maintain it on a regular basis to prevent extensive damage and roof failure, you cannot really eliminate completely the risk of a very bad weather phenomenon, which may cause property damage. This is especially true in San Antonio, which has a subtropical climate, with some days (especially in May-June) packed with rain and storms.

    When your roof gets damaged, it is crucial to take immediate measures to limit the damage. One of the first things you must do is contact a local licensed roofer that provides emergency services.

    Ideally, you should be proactive and keep a list of local roofers at hand, just in case, because when disaster strikes, it is not so easy to get yourself together. However, there are many roofing contractors in San Antonio and it should not be too difficult to identify some of them such as, with a Google search.

    It is also quite common for people in areas affected by storms to get a knock on their door from so-called roofing specialists, eager to help them with the repair of the roof. This is a red flag and you should not talk with such people, as they are most likely scams. Reliable roofers never go from door to door, right after a severe weather phenomenon, trying to persuade vulnerable people to sign a contract with them.