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    Although you will find a lot of roofing contractors in San Antonio, choosing the right one is not always easy. That`s because there are also scams out there, or at least roofers concerned on rounding up their income rather than providing quality services and standing behind their work. You will need to learn how to avoid these.

    First, try to focus on local referrals for roofing San Antonio area. If you choose a contractor from your community, there will be fewer chances to have a negative experience, because it has a reputation to protect, it responds more promptly when it comes to emergencies and is also more familiar with local building codes.

    It should be a good idea to also look for manufacturer designations. They are like a badge of honor, and roofers that have them will be proud to show them. The best example is GAF – the leading roof manufacturer in North America.

    Other essential things to check are license and insurance. Do not give in to pressure and hire an unlicensed and uninsured roofer, because things can go wrong in too many ways!

    The warranty you will get for the workmanship and materials is another aspect that you must consider before choosing a San Antonio roofing contractor.