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    Can parts of your home damage other parts? Although your roof is not very likely to get up and start hitting your siding just because it feels like it, there are indirect ways in which a damaged roofing structure can lead to a damaged siding like a domino effect.


    Your roof is typically tasked with keeping the elements at bay and keeping rainwater away from most areas of your home. If it’s properly installed and relatively new, this isn’t usually a problem. The roof performs well, and it will guide the water away from your home – even more efficiently doing so, if you have a proper gutter system fully equipped with gutter guards. Unfortunately, when parts of your roof that are close to the edge are damaged, the water can flow directly onto your outer walls and siding, causing a lot of damage over time.


    Fixing your roof isn’t a big deal, and it can help you save hundreds of dollars by avoiding having to patch up your siding as well. In many cases, it will just be a matter of replacing a few shingles, which you can even buy and add yourself – without help from a San Antonio roofing professional. Alternatively, you can also take it a step further and hire a roofer to add a few upgrades and maybe even install a gutter system that will prevent roofing damage from affecting your walls and siding that much in future times.