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    If you want to maximize your chances to receive a fair compensation from your insurer, you should get prepared before making the claim.

    The first and most important aspect is to know your policy and what does it cover. Work with San Antonio roofing companies that work hand in hand with your insurance company. However, when an accident or a disaster occurs, you should do more than this.

    Keeping track of your belongings as well as your expenses related to the event is essential. For example, in the case of a natural calamity that deteriorates your home, you should be able to provide photos or video recordings of the damages (if you also have images from before the incident that would be great, because they allow making accurate comparisons), proof of the purchasing price of the damaged elements or objects, as well as a complete written inventory of your household goods. Yes, it is good to be pedantic about your home and your belongings – it is in your best interest!

    In the case of an accident that caused you personal injury, you should keep all medical records and other things you paid for, related to the accidents (receipts, bills, tickets etc.).

    Being prepared with all these things will also shorten the process of getting compensation from your insurer.