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    If you live in an area prone to storms and hurricanes, such as Texas, you need to do everything you can to protect your home against storm damage – here is how:

    – Review your insurance policy – even the most solid building may sustain storm damage, so make sure your home insurance policy provides the coverage that you need if the inevitable happens, not only for hurricane damage, but for the water damage caused by the floods that usually follow the hurricane;

    – Inspect and repair your roof – the roof is the largest contiguous part on a home that is exposed to the elements, so inspect your roof and make sure that there are no missing tiles or shingles and that all the roofing components, including the gutters are healthy and properly fastened;

    – Make sure that the ports, the deck and any other structures fastened to the house are properly anchored to the ground as well;

    – Check the doors and the windows – the seals around the doors and windows can quickly get damaged in hot areas like Texas, so inspect the caulking in these problem areas and reapply the sealant before it is too late;

    – Seal the holes through which cables enter your home to avoid water from getting in through them.

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