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    During an interview for a job in the roofing business, the questions should highlight the applicant’s skills, abilities, interests and motivation to get that job. Some of the best questions are open, leaving room to test the candidate’s level of creativity and communication, ask them about some of the previous roof repair San Antonio jobs they have completed, ask for details surrounding the job.

    Before deciding which questions to ask, remember that a job interview is neither a monologue nor an informal meeting; it is a communication process based on interpersonal interaction. Avoid sounding like an interrogator and allow the applicants not just to answer, but also to ask and discuss certain aspects.

    There is a current focus on behavioral interview questions, considering that they reveal how the applicant handled tasks in prior jobs, providing an overview of how he will get tasks done once you hire him, the way he will deal with every day challenges and fit in your company’s culture.

    “What was the toughest job you have ever done and how did you cope with all the difficulties?”, or “What challenges are you looking for in this roofing job?” – These are two examples of behavioral questions. You can create many others, based on workplace challenges, personal qualities required for succeeding in this business and important job tasks.

    Source: Live Site