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    Hail Season and Your Roof – Important Considerations for Avoiding the Need for Expensive Repairs -


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    Roofing For San Antonio Hail Storms

    When hail season comes, a lot of roofers start feeling happy, since they have more work on their hands. If you don’t want your roofer to get all your money this summer, it’s important to keep track of the most significant considerations associated with hail season and how you can protect your roof more efficiently.


    The first thing to do before hail season arrives is to check the structural integrity of your roof. If you have a sloped roof featuring asphalt or concrete roofing shingles, make sure you do a thorough inspection by a roofing San Antonio inspector and check to see whether there’s any damaged flashing, loose or cracked shingles, or anything else that could be dislodged by large balls of ice falling from the sky.


    Hail can also do a lot of damage to your chimney, and if you own a flat roof, you might also want to check for dents and pooling, which can often worsen when hail begins to hit. Finally, if your roof is old and has to be repaired on a constant basis, you might want to consider replacing it with a sturdier roof, such as a new concrete or metal roofing system, which can withstand hail without a problem, even if the weather conditions become worse than in previous years.