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    roofing sun heat affects solar roof

    Austin’s humid subtropical climate comes with very long, very hot summers, short and mild winters, warm springs and falls, while the city’s location in Central Texas, at the southern periphery of Tornado Alley, increases the year-around likelihood of severe storms, even of strong hail. All these conditions are very hard on roofs – here are some of the types of weather-related roof damage that local building owners need to be prepared for:

    -Strong solar radiation – harsh sunshine can cause roofs to overheat and to develop surface damage as well as damage in the deeper layers of the structure. The Austin roofing issues caused by heat can be prevented to a certain extent by using reflective roofing materials and by choosing a light color for the structure;

    -Hail damage – hailstorms in Central Texas often come with large ice balls that can cause severe damage to roofs. Some materials are more resistant to impact than others, so it is a good idea to research the most resistant, specialized materials before picking the material for your next roof in Austin;

    -Wind damage – hurricanes and tornadoes come with extreme winds that can partially or completely sweep off roofs. The best mitigation method is careful and rigorous roofing maintenance and timely repair for any issue, even small ones, to ensure that the roof is in top shape when the next hurricane hits.