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    How Can Hail Damage a Roof and What Can You Do About It? -


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    Hail damage is the single most destructive force that can damage specific shingles on your roof. Even hurricanes don’t have the ability to inflict that level of damage in such a short period of time without needing strong winds or any special circumstances. When hail falls at high speed its impact force can crack shingles and even break them entirely.

    The way hail damages even the most resilient of shingles is by focusing a large impact force into a very small surface area. Since hail falls at high speed, the sharp edges and heaviness of the ice it contains will hit like a small bullet. When that happens, shingles can be dented even by smaller pieces.

    There are a few well-known ways of dealing with hail damage before it even happens:

    1. First, you might want to consider more frequent maintenance and the replacement of cracked or broken shingles. Fewer weak or damaged shingles will reduce the chance of a killer hit.

    2. Using roof coating as an upgrade can also help improve your roof’s chances of survival. A roof protected by coating will be far better off than a regular one.

    3. Finally, it can also be a good idea to consider upgrading all your roofing shingles suitable for San Antonio roofing projects with new ones. These should include composite shingles for budget options, or superior quality metal, concrete or slate, if you have some money to spare.

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