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    How Clogged Gutter Systems Can Cause Some Real Damage to Your Home -


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    Are you constantly having to pull debris out of your gutter system to avoid pooling and water damage? If you live in a wooded area, it’s not uncommon for animals to build their nests on your roof or for the wind to blow small branches and leaves that can easily end up inside your gutters and prevent the water from flowing freely.


    A clogged gutter system is nothing to joke about. It can actually cause a lot of problems over time:


    Excess water or ice can pool on top of your home and exercise greater pressure on your house’s structure.

    Water can make its way to your walls, siding and basement, causing a lot of trouble and damages that might be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars after a while.

    Your gutter system could have a shorter lifespan if it has to deal with too much water over time.

    Even your foundation can suffer as a result of rainwater flowing irregularly and making its way to the base of your home. Foundation work can be extremely expensive, so the issue definitely needs to be contained before it comes to that.


    Avoiding all these concerns can be done with a straightforward action: simply call your local contractors at and inquire about a system of gutter guards that can protect your gutters from falling debris and clogging over time. With the help of such a system, you can better protect your home from water damage and even increase the lifespan of your gutters.